Xingyi: Yin Li II returns 220 kV line project to improve "West Electronics" capacity

Xingyi: Yin Li II returns 220 kV line project to improve "West Electronics" capacity

A few days ago, Yinshan changed by the "West Electronics" main channel of the South Power Grid Guizhou Xingyi Power Supply Bureau – Li Guan change II back 220 kV line project successfully put into operation, marking the Southwest Power Grid and Liupan Hydropower Grid Realization The 220 kV double-circuit network interoperability, the Fujian power resources of "two places" injected into "West Electronics". Yin Li II returned the 220 kV line project with a total length of thousands of meters, a total of 111 base iron tower, total investment of 72.38 million yuan, in the province’s main network power system, the first 220 kV GIS expansion interval (same frequency same) AC resistance Pressure test, realize the busbar non-stop resistance, reduce the risk of power outage, and shorten the period of time. "220 kV Yin Li II after payment, further enhanced power supply reliability in southwestern Guizhou, and at the same time, the increase of more than 500,000 kilowatts of the ‘West Electronics’, further for the’ Xi Electronics to send ‘contribution’ South Network forces ‘.

"Introduction to the Power Dispatch Control Center of Xingyi Power Supply Bureau." Most of the lines of the mountains are high altitude of the mountain, so we use the ‘aluminum bag steel strand + fiber optic cable’ to set up a power transmission line according to the situation that may be ice according to each region. Make sure the power transmission equipment is safe. Zuo Heng, general manager of Xingyi Power Supply Bureau, in the process of engineering construction, but also overcomes many difficulties in crossing multiple electric lines, crossing house demolition and occupation of harmonization. It is understood that in order to promote the project According to the planning, during the construction, the leadership team of Xingyi Power Supply Bureau attached great importance to the establishment of "Yin Li II Turning Engineering Construction Experts", and realized the establishment of a game with the establishment of the establishment of the Branch.

At the same time, the party branch is built on the project, proactively actively communicating with local government departments, and in depth promoting political and enterprises. During the project construction process, the Xingyi Power Supply Bureau adheres to the depth integration of party construction work and construction management work, leading the department responsible for the total planning and implementation of the party branch, party members, and the party members of other departments and participation units take the lead in promoting this major. Work, give full play to the construction advantages of multi-party organizations, realize the party construction work, construction safety, engineering quality, party members’ education linkage, forming various majors, all levels, the normal scene, the normal situation, guarantee the security, quality and progress of the project The three dimensions have been fully promoted to become a "battle fortress" that attacks hard. Yinshan change – Li Guan change II back 220 kV line project started construction in December 21, 2020, 480 builders in the whole line for more than 336 days.

Xingyi Power Supply Bureau coincides with the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the technology is difficult to fight, carry forward the spirit of the "Kunli Long" infrastructure in the South Net, and fully promote the construction of the project. In the process of construction, the bureau grasps the epidemic prevention and control, and the project is attacked, and the epidemic prevention and control is zero infection. He is more than 40 days in advance, completed the construction task of the line throughout the line in advance, and successfully delayed the epidemic Grab it back.

After the 220 kVCI, II, will further enhance the "West Electronics East" capacity, providing powerful guarantees to complete the "电送" power goal, further implementing "rural residence" and "carbon Dafeng," The strategic objective contributing to carbon neutralization. (关 文) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.