[Advanced Typical] Central North University: From Taihang Mountain, the military is moving voyage

[Advanced Typical] Central North University: From Taihang Mountain, the military is moving voyage

Editor’s note: Since the development of party history, all departments at all levels at all levels of Shanxi have attached great importance to it.

In order to promote the party members of the province to learn the benchmark, there is a demonstration, starting on August 1st, the Yellow River News Network opened the "Excellent Typical" column of the "New Bureau of the Scholars’ Thought" and the New Bureau of the Secretary of the Second Parties ", and concentrated in the educational education in party history. The typical practice, innovative initiatives and fresh experiences, create a strong atmosphere than the school, condense the majesty. Yellow River News News (Reporter Yufenfen) The hundred years of journey is magnificent, and it is not forgotten. Since the development of party history, the Party Committee of the University of China has been based on the fundamental task of implementing Lidshu people, combining party history and courses, combined with classroom teaching, combined with students education, and organizes first-line teachers to build 13 The "Course Thinking" is open, and the education of party history is in the past, and the new and hearts.

The "Course Thinking" is invited to invite the first-line key teachers of the China North University, developed the "Daguata" "Damei Sanjin" "Engineering Map" "Financial Management" "Music Performance" "Music Performance" and other professional courses.

These professional courses are organically combined with party history, from the party’s hundred years of history, searching for nutrition from the party’s spiritual pedicure, drawing wisdom, drawing power, focusing on how to dig in teaching, scientific research practice, Style’s thinking, forming a group of practical innovations in "courses" construction.

In order to further expand the position of "courses", the school’s Marxist College took the lead in the school, and launched the "People’s Military" Course Thinking Demonstration Class, Exploring the Teaching Contents of "The History of Party Shi + Military Works + School History" "Theoretical + Interview + Practice + Research" ‘s "four integration" innovation teaching model, condensed the spiritual power of "strong army to assemble" in young students.

Full mining utilization of red resources, while achieving party history education into the course teaching, how to further strengthen learning effectiveness, stimulating the power, a series of practical activities carried out by the School of Northern University is also a raceful highlight. Teachers and students in the School of Arts have more than 100 mesh long gallery, and the red line is vividly intuitively depicting the hundred years of struggle for the Chinese Communist Party.

The Institute of Physical Education held the "Old Party Meeting Party Class" Theme Party Day activities, specially invited the police officers of Chairman Mao in the Central Majors, and the old party members of the 61st party age Shang lock Hai Comrade came to the school "transfer to the treasure". The Economic Academy of Economics, the spirit of Yan’an, the spirit, the spirit of the Taihang, Lu Liang spirit, the spirit of Xi Baichang, etc.

The "Red Story Excellence" Contest Competition held by the Chemical Engineering and Technology, let the party history "live", realize the imageization of party history, very experienced and interactive.

In addition, the Party Committee of the Northern University encourages all grassroots party organizations to create conditions, combines party history education and support in the branch, and guide students to walk while they will talk about it, and the online lines are combined. Landscape party history big lesson. From the Taihang Mountain, the Northern University of the "The First School of the People" will always inherit the "Taihang Spirit" red gene, and "committing the" learning "concept, transforming the party history education results into a profound Educational resources and endless power, in the new era, strive for first-class, and stroke.

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