[Daily habits] to build a community of online space

[Daily habits] to build a community of online space

  Xi Jinping: Network space is the common activities of human being, and the destiny of network space should be jointly mastered by countries.

Countries should strengthen communication, expand consensus, deepen cooperation, and build a community of online space.

  This paragraph comes from Ji Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Internet Conference on December 16, 2015.

  With the rapid development of information technology, the network space has become a new channel of information dissemination, the new space of production and life, the new engine of economic development, the new platform of cultural and prosperous new support, social governance, and new links. At the same time, the development of the Internet has also brought new challenges to the sovereignty, security and development interests of the world. In cyberspace, human beings are the fate community developed by the development, safety, and fate. Implementation of global network space security and orderly development, first, the international community should strengthen communication, expand consensus, deepen cooperation, accelerate global network infrastructure construction, and reduce the "digital divide" between countries; second, promote network space management multi-field Cooperation is developed to the depth development, and the interaction of Internet technology, laws and policies in the interconnection; third, improve the network space dialogue negotiation mechanism, promote the development of cybuar rules that can be accepted by all parties in cooperation exchanges. Differences, pursue a win-win; fourth, dealing with the conflict between cyberspace, respect each other’s network sovereignty, strengthen security cooperation in response to network terrorism, online crime, online fraud, etc.

  Realize the profound changes in the Internet Global Governance System, need to build peace, safe, open, cooperative network space, establish a global Internet governance system for multilateral, democratic, and transparent.

Only by adhering to building a community concept of network space, gathering the international community’s largest number of network space safety, stability, and prosperity expectations, in order to specify the direction of the global network space development. Special experts in this issue: Yue Awu Nanjing Information Engineering University Marxist College (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Share more people to see.