Taiyuan City Cultural Relics Bureau advance into the provincial cooperation

Taiyuan City Cultural Relics Bureau advance into the provincial cooperation

"If you pass in the north, whoever doesn’t recall the home." In the city’s cultural relics system cadres and implement the province, the twelfth party congress of the city, the cultural relics protection and use of specialized capacity improvement training courses, the cadres of many cultural relics systems The employee remembered the poet of the Tang Dynasty in the "Send Zhang Dynasty" in the poem. The class is also a provincial cooperation promotion. A number of well-known professors at home and abroad shared the research results in their respective research.

The professor of the Historical Geography Research Center, Fudan University, in the "Important Cognition and Thinking" of the Environmental Change Issues in the Central Historical Period, Talking about the "Development and Environment" in the middle of the Shanxi, Tang poetry, " Seeing "Zhangzhou": "Leaning is the state of the state, the young people," Lu Yi, the hometown, also returned to the state … "Building a total of win-win and expanding the cultural influence provincial school cooperation is a kind of win-win choice, for the cultural relic Protection and college research will play a positive role.

The red cultural resources in our city are abundant. At present, there are 27 non-mobile revolutionary cultural relics. The first provincial-level red cultural sites, more than 50 municipal, county-level red cultural sites are declare.

All major universities in the country are concentrated in talents, with highlighting talent advantages, research advantages, and technology advantages. Since the development of the provincial cooperation work, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have fully promoted the construction of "12 Bases", the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau led the construction of red education and national education base.

During the docking negotiation of Shanghai’s five colleges and universities, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau fully exerted the advantages of special cultural resources in our city, with a long history and culture of Shanxi and Taiyuan, and promoted the rich cultural relics resources and red cultural resources of Taiyuan rich revolutionary cultural relics and red cultural resources. Actively promote the construction of red education and national education base. The provincial cooperation has been fully advanced, and the city has identified 12 college partnership needs projects, involving 5 universities.

Among them, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau is responsible for implementing three colleges of colleges and universities. Building a red education and national education base project with Shanghai Jiaotong University, including the development of red cultural research, social practice, exhibition exchange, etc., held red education and national education base listing ceremony in the Memorial Hall of Shanxi National Normal Site Revolution; cooperation Ancient Jian Protection Research Project.

The Municipal Cultural Relics Administration exchanges two-way exchanges, resource sharing in terms of disease survey and prevention of architecture and color plastic murals.

Cooperation with Fudan University, the historical and cultural research project is mainly working with the school security professor research team, studying the historical geography of Shanxi and the history of the Northern Dynasties, the history of northern ethnic history, and explore historical cultural relics and value in Shanxi, promotion. Historical and cultural in Shanxi. Up to now, the city has formed "a three-dimensional two-side heavy" to build red education and national education base. One, instant machine relying on the college student internship training opportunity; three-in-one, referring to the content, conduct exhibition Chen exchange, thinking of research, volunteer service; two side weight, that is, heavy refined courses and interactive immersive experience. Let college teachers and students have a deep revolutionary culture, red culture, excellent Chinese traditional culture, and enlargement of Taiyuan. Jiji Ji Minji Injection Development New Vitality Provincial School Cooperation, Ji Cai Zhi. Since June this year, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau has carried out 20 cooperation projects with 6 provincial universities, Shanxi University, etc. of Peking University, covering the protection of cultural relics, archaeological research, planning plan design, red culture Research and other business areas, the results are obvious, fruitful. In terms of cultural relics and civilian protection research projects, July 29, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau invited Cao Yongkang, director of the International Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University Design Institute, in the Jin Heping Museum, "The Academic Exchange of" Provincial Cooperation ‘Cultural Relics Protection ", The two sides discussed in-depth discussion on the cultural relics of the Temple of the Jinci, fish castle beams, halls and other cultural relics, and laid a solid foundation for in-depth cooperation research.

In terms of red education and national education, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau actively takes measures to attract and receive university teachers and students and carry out red education and national education.

Since the establishment of the provincial school cooperation, we have coordinated 10 batches of 8 colleges and universities in Peking University and Tsinghua University, and 209 teachers and students.

On September 24th, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau and the Shanghai Jiaotong University Marxist have held the "Signing Ceremony of Building a Red Education and National Education Base" in the Municipal Museum, which is awarded the Memorial Hall for Shanxi National Normal Site Revolutionary Activities.

At the same time, the "100-year salary of China – Celebration of China – Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China" jointly organized the "100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China". "

"Provincial school cooperation is cultural relics protection, research provides resource support, talent support, cultural relics from cooperation, open ideas, open up the vision, and enhance cultural confidence." Liu Yuli, Party Secretary of the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau, said The whole city’s cultural relics system carefully studied the spirit of the 19th National Party Congress and the province, the twelfth party conference of the party, further maintaining the heat of Shanghai Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities, leaving special cultural and red cultural resources, and promoting provincial schools Cooperation in the cultural relics system, strengthen the depth of cooperation, broaden cooperation, and achieve resource sharing, cooperation and win-win, and empower the high quality development of cultural relics in our city.

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