Shijingshan Winter Olympics officially opened

Shijingshan Winter Olympics officially opened

  Service Guaranteed 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics 16 transportation stations, Shijingshan Winter Olympics station has been completed, and it is officially operated. The field station occupies the hectare, causing different types of vehicles, assumes important functions such as vehicles, vehicles, and epidemic prevention killing. As a key ring in the Winter Olympics Traffic Service, during the Competition, a total of 16 transportation scenes in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, including 6 in Beijing, 2, Yanqing Division, 8 Zhangjiakou District. Shijingshan Winter Olympics station is located on the northwest side of the subway Baobao Shanli, and the Municipal Transportation Committee Project Center is handled in April this year to complete the temporary land, and the provisional construction project planning license. The venue was transferred on May 8, and the construction personnel were set, and the construction personnel were officially entered.

During the construction process, the original facilities such as fence and football field in the venue were removed, and the project construction and equipment installation of oil surface paving, temporary housing construction, station lighting, security monitoring, external power supply, etc., the current project has all Finish.

  More than 200 new Beijing Winter Olympics event vehicles have neatly parked in the station.

The person in charge of the station is introduced that the station plan is planned to design a small vehicle parking space, 96 parking spaces, and 236 vehicles have been stopped, and 329 toll-free vehicles have been expected to receive the toll card. 93 vehicles, mainly used to ensure the commuter between the Winter Olympics, and all the regions.

(Reporter / Sun Yunke Wu Wei / Photographed) (Original title: Shijingshan Winter Olympics Station officially enabled).