The boat of the helm is caregued in maternal and child safety – the city’s innovation launched "234" maternal and child safety work mechanism

The boat of the helm is caregued in maternal and child safety – the city’s innovation launched "234" maternal and child safety work mechanism

  Our reporter Yu Jiao Jiao October 29th, 38-year-old Wu Linlin (pseudonym) has welcomed the third baby through cesarean section in Dongchangfu District Maternal and Child Health Hospital. She is a red high-risk pregnant woman specially cared for Dongchang Maternal and Child. She can safely be inseparable from the 234 maternal and child safety work mechanism that is pursued from the city.

  Wu Linlin has worked for surgery due to congenital heart disease.

In March this year, she went to Dongchang Women’s Inspection, according to the five-color grade management method of maternal, two cesarean section of cesarean section as orange warning signal, moderate pulmonary hypertension as red warning signal, she was included in red high-risk management system, information Renew to the City Guardian Committee.

On October 25, on October 27, because Wu Linlin was absent in the production inspection, the physician urged him to inspect it twice.

On October 29, Wu Linlin took a doctor. Due to the risk of continuing pregnancy, cesarean section was implemented.

Wu Linlin is healthy, and four days after surgery.

  With the release of the three-child policy, the proportion of high-risk maternal women like Wu Linlin continued to increase.

In order to ensure the safety of maternal and child, the Liaocheng Health and Health Committees have implemented the establishment of two committees, do three links, and enhance the four major functions as the core of 234 maternal and child safety work mechanism. Specifically, it is the establishment of the Municipal Health and Health Committee of the Municipal Health Participation, the Deputy Director of the Municipal Health, and the high-risk pregnancies of the Liaocheng City, which are members of the multidiscologist, and strengthen the high-risk maternity, maternal and child medical staff. The management of the three sections of the production institution, paying close attention to the post training, conducting regular business training and dangerous maternal emergency exercises for the city’s maternal and child medical staff; implementing the four municipal critical maternal treatment centers for 3 months for one cycle System, enhance its comprehensive scheduling, referral treatment, standardized service, and four aspects of round value effectiveness.

  234 After the implementation mechanism of maternal and child safety, the city’s 4304 high-risk pregnant women rated as orange and above were registered, and the pregnancy care guidance was conducted by people. More than 8900 people were followed up, and the pregnant women who were rating were red, the special people’s house visits, the whole process, and successfully lifted red high risk factors and successfully rescued 20 cases of critical illness maternal women.

  On July 19th, maternal Li Fei (pseudonym) When childbirth in the Second People’s Hospital of Liaocheng, the 234 maternal and child safety work mechanism helped him to go to peace. At that time, the hospital launched the pregnant maternal treatment mechanism, and the medical staff sent her to the operating room while the medical staff was pressed. After 18 minutes, Li Yifei hopped; after 7 minutes, through emergencies, Li Feiyi had a baby, rescued newborns.

Municipal Second Hospital organized multidisciplinary consultation, diagnosed her for amniotic fluid embolism and thromboembolism, transferred into the sexual medicine. After receiving the report, the Municipal Health Department, launched the critical maternal joint treatment mechanism, and the director of the Municipal People’s Hospital sent the city’s critical maternal treatment expert committee. Wang Xiaobing, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology, rushed to the scene, and the Municipal Health Bureau of Maternal and Children invited Shandong University Qilu. The hospital expert is rescued, and the Beijing Union Hospital expert distance consultation. After proper treatment, July 20th, Li Yifei woke up, on July 25, the tracheal intubation; On August 3, the mother and the child were discharged. On the basis of the 234 maternal and child safety work mechanism, the current Municipal Health and Health Committee starts to increase the maternal and child safety action to promote the 5 years, and the city’s maternal and child safety guarantee system is more perfect, collaborative treatment is more efficient.

[Responsible Editor: Hou Mingming].