The 27th Lan Dynasty – Gansu Channel – People’s Network

The 27th Lan Dynasty – Gansu Channel – People’s Network

On July 8th, the 27th China Lanzhou Investment Trade Fair Opening Ceremony and Silk Road Cooperation Development High-end Forum was grandly opened in Lanzhou, Gansu. The Lan Chamber will set up a division in the Lanzhou New District this year, and the imported cars and special vehicles and wisdom agriculture and flower professional exhibition areas.

Smart Agriculture and Flower Professional Exhibition Zone consists of three parts: garden garden, bonsai, orchid, fresh cut flowers, agricultural products, leisure sightseeing agriculture, 7 sections of agricultural resources, mainly show new district Internet of Things monitoring, cloud computing statistics, big data analysis, visualizing 3D models and other modern technology, lead Gansu agricultural products to the world.

During this Lan Dynasty, all people entered the main exhibition hall to show the Gansu Province Health Code, the State Council communication stroke card, measuring body temperature, and wearing a mask, not wearing a mask.

Buy tickets to pay attention to "Investment Gansu" WeChat public number to buy electronic tickets or purchase paper tickets with ID cards.

On July 8th, the full day of the Mandarin’s documents will be entered the hall, and the public sales activities are not performed on the public. From July 9th to 11th, the exhibition time is 9:00 to 18; the ticket time is 8:40 to 15, 17 o’clock, stop the test ticket; on July 12th, the ticket is stopped at 15:00, and the audience stopped. Tickets in the pavilion, 17:30 clearer, 18 clock.