The country’s first elderly people have issued in Hunan 18th Cave

The country’s first elderly people have issued in Hunan 18th Cave

Opening smart technology’s "care model" of the elderly, the first old age certificate has issued the 18th cave villages in Shuanglong Town, Shuanglong Town, Huayun County, 18th Cave. On the morning of December 10, the country’s first elderly people have been issued here.

For the hull "big sister", today is a special day, she will lead to the country’s first elderly manic electronic evidence. The staff of Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture Big Data Center, said that the elderly people of the stone have been in the country as early as November, and it has been generated in the country in November. It is the "genuine genuine" national first. There are several old sisters, and I came to the village auditorium early, I came to the village auditorium. At 10 o’clock in the morning, with the guests from Beijing, Jinan, Changsha and other places come, the village of 18 villages in 18 is full of lively. 20 villagers and other representatives of stone blocked, and they worked in a seedlings. The issuance ceremony started, and the hull received the "People’s Republic of China’s Elderly Certificate" electronic license sign from the person in charge of Xiangxi.

The elderly evident electronic license is an electronic form of the elderly to confirm the body.

Applying and generating the old people over the age of 60, using the smartphone to open the App application directly, you can take the bus in Xi’an, Jinan, Chengdu, Changsha, Xiangxi, etc., free to take the bus. And enjoy the preferential service in the scenic area, no need to carry a bus card, the elderly people, etc., travel, play, play more convenient.

"The operation of the electronic license is relatively simple, which is a pragmatic initiative to solve the ‘digital gap’ ‘.

"Eighteen Cave Village Retired Teacher Yang Dong Shi feels."

Director Long Yonghua, director of the Data Center, Xiangxi, introduced the pilot work of electronic documents, and the elderly government service platform, relying on the national integrated government service platform to promote the elderly people’s electronic evangelism, interoperability, interact, to solve the use of intelligence of the elderly Terminal equipment is difficult to guide, allowing the elderly to enjoy the results of information development. At present, Xiangxi has implemented the elderly people’s electronic documents, bus, and scenic innovation applications "a code pass", and completed "cross-provincial mutual recognition" with other pilot regions.

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