Too true! Three-dimensional insect paper-cut is stopped

Too true! Three-dimensional insect paper-cut is stopped

Too true! Stereo insect paper-cut was stopped to check such a delicate "small insect" in the customs, the three-dimensional insect paper-cutting works, insects and green leaves were made by the shear process. Liu Wei is making paper cut. Liu Wei’s daughter made a series of paper-cutting works with Chinese herbal medicine.

□ Yangtze River Daily Territory reporter Qin Wei "When we took these three-dimensional insects to participate in cultural exchanges, because of the works of the work, they were stopped by the customs, and they were checked, they believe this is paper-cut. "In Liu Wei’s studio exhibition cabinet, the Changjiang Daily reporter saw these three-dimensional insect paper-cut works, and as a Wuhan paper-cut intangible cultural heritage project, Hanyang District" Liu Mud Paper "inheritance, Liu Wei is happy. The reporter has recently come to the "Liu Mud Paper" studio in the Gaolongbo Guo City, Jiangxuan Community, Jiangxuan Community, Hanyang District, and explored that these lifelike "Liu Mud Paper" works behind "绝 活" ". ■ Exquisite craftsmanship originated in an advertising paper These three-dimensional insect paper-cutting is Liu Wei’s mother Liu mud, I saw a row of insects in a row, Anan quietly squinted on green leaves, fine arthropical tentacles, quite confident The outer casing is almost no different from the true insect. According to Liu Wei, complete a three-dimensional paper-cutting work, first to cut out the planar structure of the insects on the paper, use a special tool to make it into a vertical shape, apply a special pigment, in order to show the brightness of the outer shell and The spirit of insects. "Special pigment only has fathers Liu mud to be adjusted, and it is possible to maintain paper-cut morphology, but also impart gloss of the insect shell metal.

"So exciting small insects, initially, actually, is made from advertising paper. "Liu Wei said that his father Liu Mudba was originally round wooden miniature, lanterns production, paper-cut inheritance, and he found that many of the paper quality used by many advertising orders were very good, but they were often discarded, very waste, Liu Mudba The advertisement paper is collected and begins to make three-dimensional insect paper-cut.

"Selecting the insect theme is also expressing the concept of nature, love the ecological environment, and the father Liu mud poured a lot of emotions in the work.

"Liu Wei said.

■ A work is mostly integrated with 6 processes in Liu Mud’s continuous research and innovation, Liu Mud Paper gradually "walks out of advertising paper" to constantly integrate new techniques, new craftsmanship.

Today, Liu Mud Paper-cut process has developed a variety of paper-cutting processes.

Into the Liu Mushu studio, hung a lifelike, the "Suspend" on the wall of the door, this is the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic.

According to reports, this painting combines Liu mud paper cutting craft shear, engraved, tear, burning, embroidery, and stereo. "The ‘Dian Shou’ in the work is the word ‘torn’, the edge of the tear, there is a lot of bare paper fibers, which can show the shape of the pen ink; the red seal in the upper right corner is used. The process of ‘burning’, the burnt paper has a black edge, which can make the text, the seal is more stereoscopic. "Liu Wei introduced. Carefully observe this scorpion, you can also identify the traces of the wire. Liu Wei said that Liu Mud Paper has indeed fused a lot of embroidery crafts in many non-legacy projects, such as silk, Panjin, etc. Father often communicate with other non-legacy inheritors, look at the embroidery craftsmanship with rich colors and strong three-dimensional sense, he thinks this can make up for some of the colorful color of some paper-cutings, and the disadvantage is not prominent. Combine it with paper-cutting.

"In order to better integrate the two, we also specially produced a tabletop, repeated trial, father spent 1 year and 3 months to complete this work.

"Liu Wei said," This work integrates all the techniques of Liu mud paper cutting.

"■ Update skills, innovation content can be passed down" "Constantly integration of traditional crafts, constantly innovating, this is the uniqueness of Liu Mud Paper compared to other paper cuts. "Being a heritage of Liu Mudu, Liu Jia’s fifth generation hand and artist, Liu Wei has a clear plan for how to continue to inherit Liu mud paper cutting.

Before Liu Wei’s workbench, two parallel arts, respectively, with the theme of the Yellow Crane, the Year of the Tiger. This is a work that she cooperates with the privacy of the professional priests.

Liu Wei also showed a paper-cutting work made by her daughter who is learning Chinese medicine.

Liu Wei said that as Father Liu Mud is constantly exploring the experience of new paper-cutting skills, Liu Mud paper cutting is also very inclusive manual art. "I am very willing to work with young children, and I hope that I can constantly collide with young ideas. In the middle, Liu Mud Paper has been continuously developed. "