South African Chinese and Chinese Cultural Training Course

South African Chinese and Chinese Cultural Training Course

People’s Daily Online Johannesburg October 31 (Reporter Wang Lei) October 29, local time The training course is jointly hosted by the South China Economic and Trade Association and the Johannesburg University Confucius Institute (Johbao House), will help South Africa’s employees to understand Chinese culture, improve personal professional literacy, and quickly integrate into the working environment.

The opening ceremony of the day has more than 70 local employees from many members of the South China Economic and Trade Association, and the company representatives and guests participate.

The Chinese Embassy in South African accused Xuedong, Johannesburg University Vice President Sha Salab Singha, Wang Wen’an, the president of the South China Economic and Trade Association, Peng Yu, and other lines at the Interior of the Yueyuan, the Employe, attended the event and delivered speeches. Xue Dong is fully affirming the meaning of the training course. He said that more and more people in the world want to learn Chinese and understand China.

Since the epidemic, the people of Zhongnan will help each other.

Students who study Chinese and Chinese culture will also make positive contributions to the cultural exchanges and economic and trade development of the two countries. Sa Sarabrin Schuna said that in the context of the new crown epidemics, the Josebao Constra has provided training for the local employees of China-funded enterprises, and actively contributing to the promotion of Zhongnan Economic and Trade Cooperation. Johannesburg University has been committed to developing entrepreneurial ecosystems in the local area, and cooperation with the South China Economic and Trade Association will become an opportunity to help entrepreneurship ecosystems to achieve internationalization and promote the cooperation between Central and South Innovation.

Wang Wen’an represents the South China Economic and Trade Association thanks to Johor Bahru. He said that the trade and economic development of Central and South China has developed rapidly. Since the establishment of the Southern China Economic and Trade Association, the members of the Association invest more than $ 14 billion in South Africa, creating nearly 30,000 jobs for local communities. I believe this training course will not only help South Africa’s employees better understand Chinese culture and language, but will also create better conditions for companies to carry out economic and trade activities. Peng Wei hosted the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. She said that in recent years, the Yueyuan has achieved remarkable results in teaching, cultural activities, academic research, and forms the characteristics of science and technology.

In addition to the University of Johannesburg, Jinshan University, Josbeard also provides Chinese teaching and training in government agencies and social staff, including government agencies and social staff, etc. in South business agencies, South Africa national ministries, and has accumulated rich experience.

The training class was governed by the Chinese Embassy in South African, jointly organized by the South China Economic and Trade Association, and received the technical platform of China Telecom South Africa, the training support for the University of Cape Town and Western Cape University.

Local students are very excited after participating in the first Chinese culture and Chinese training courses, expressed their expectations for the next course.

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