The 16th China Changchun Film Festival: will be with fans, the audience went to the ice and snow

The 16th China Changchun Film Festival: will be with fans, the audience went to the ice and snow

Changchun is a movie capital. It is also the ice and snow. The movie meets the ice and snow, and the light shadow screen is wrapped in the silver and the film art motivation for ice and snow.

The 16th China Changchun Film Festival will select a batch of high-quality film works, launched the film exhibition content consisting of "shadow", "pay tribute", "raw" and "shadow Tan" exhibition sector, invitation fans, The audience went into the cinema and went to a grand light and shadow in the ice and snow.

It is reported that this film festival will launch the contents of the four major exhibitions, and fans, the audience share the heart, happiness and hope of movies to them.

The "shadow" unit presented a domestic new film that was not yet exposed; "pay tribute" unit picks a classic old film, returning to the first development history, take today; "Rational" unit excavated Chinese newcomer creators, focusing on the future of the movie industry; "Shadang Tan "The unit is divided into various types of topics, combined with the film screening, and discussing movie creation sharing and depth. The four major sectors take into account the longitudinal relationship of the time dimension and the parallel display of the screen, which constitutes an integrated integrated film exhibition context. Combined with the northeast of the northeast of the new era, this video exterior captures from a multi-angle to present the unique type of route and aesthetic style of Chinese movies. On the basis of the four major exhibition sections, planning multiple themes: "Building a Century Red Classic Fashion Show" Vision "and" Domestic Science Fiction Movie Exhibition ", use artistic and commercially integrated eyes, carefully selected a batch of high-quality film to give the vast audience, in the northward scenery of thousands of miles of ice, to create a warm and hot City movie cultural feast.

In 1992, China Changchun Film Festival is the first national film festival named in the city. Since its establishment, China Changchun Film Festival has successfully held the 15th year, and I have gone through twenty-nine years of brilliant journey.

Since 2021, the two-year change is changed by the year, and the concept of "new era, new cradle, new power" will be more passed more.