Surveying the doctor in different places "acceleration" Zigong Fushun deepened "venting service" reform

Surveying the doctor in different places "acceleration" Zigong Fushun deepened "venting service" reform

In order to promote the "venting service" reform in the field of medical insurance, implement the medical insurance service service is pro-to handle, Sichuan Zigong City Fushun County, China, Fushun County, China, China, the "last kilometer" in the deputy, so that the service is faster, so that the service is more intimate.

The county medical security work is tightly relying on the government’s leading role, give full play to the core role of township (street) and the synergy of township hospitals, and puts the business network settlement of Fushun County to settle the medical network settlement, and accepts the sporadic (manual) reimbursement, Approval business is put into the township (street) medical insurance agency to handle, and is responsible for medical expenses for medical expenses by a local township hospital or street community health service center.

While making the door of the people can handle the business, Fushun County is a shortening process: the medical record is "ready to do it", and may not evade or delay in any reason. Reimbursement and implementation, in principle, township (street) completed the acceptance, review, approval, summary of reimbursement materials within 15 working days, and completed review and funding within 5 working days.

In order to make the arrangement of the prevented business, the Fushun County Medical Security Department establishes internal risk prevention and control mechanism, clarifies the work responsibility of the township (street) medical insurance agency, township hospital or street community health service center, The responsibility is clear, the responsibility is implemented, and the exclusive is unified. At the same time, strengthen supervision and inspection, strengthen the supervision, guidance and inspection of township (street) off-site reimbursement work, and carry out no less than 1 field guidance and random spot checkout in quarter, and find weak links, solve the difficulties and problems of existence.

For the review of the review In addition, training in a timely manner in different places, ensuring that the medical work work in different places is implemented, and it is effective.

Fushun County has always adhered to the people’s services, focusing on improving the quality of service services, building a more convenient, efficient medical insurance service system, meeting the expectation of the masses to medical insurance. (Zhu Min, Xu Peng) (Editor: Qiao Yifei (intern), Gao Hongxia) sharing makes more people to see.