Support "three rural" development pedestrian Chongqing Boarding Department broadening livestock and poultry living mortgage

Support "three rural" development pedestrian Chongqing Boarding Department broadening livestock and poultry living mortgage

  People’s Network Chongqing November 10th, "I can’t think of the sow that I can’t be changed, can also be used as collateral loans, and the loan is still so fast, the credit amount is also improved!" Xiao Wenbin I said excitedly.

  Recently, Chongqing Tianquan Water Farming Masterpo Co., Ltd. purchased policyful pig insurance and commercial live pig insurance as a mortgage guarantor, and determined the loan quota based on policy insurance and commercial insurance insurance, from Chongqing Rural Business Banks have received loans 30 million yuan, and the loan balance is 6 times to 36 million yuan from the original 6 million yuan, and the loan interest rate will drop by% by the original%.

  The policy dividends enjoyed by Chongqing Springs Shui Pembus Pastoral Co., Ltd. is not a case. It is understood that this year, for the breeding enterprises, the breeding of large loans, the difficulty of guarantee, and the People’s Bank Chongqing Business Management Department adopts unified registration, information sharing, classification assessment, multi-dimensional improving information, and actively guides the banking institution in the jurisium Innovative livestock and poultry living mortgage financing model Loan + live livestock and poultry exclusive loans "and other financing new models, new products, strengthening wind control, reaching the improvement of enterprises, reducing financing costs.

According to the data, as of the end of October 2021, Chongqing has a cumulative credit of living livestock and poultry mortgage loans, and the cumulative credit is worth 100 million yuan, and the total amount of money is issued.

  According to relevant person in charge of the People’s Bank of China Chongqing Business Administration, the joint relevant departments instruct financial institutions to gradually promote livestock and poultry live mortgage financing to achieve incremental expansion, and the type of collateral standard is extended by the original single energy pig. Pig, beef cattle, cows, goose, chicken, rabbit and other varieties.

For example, the Agricultural Bank Chongqing Branch has issued 1.5 million yuan of beef living mortgage loans, 1.5 million yuan of milk cows live mortgage.

At the same time, the livestock and poultry live cross-border mortgage financing realizes zero breakthrough.

  Next, the Chongqing Business Management Department of the People’s Bank will focus on the development overall situation, highlight key groups, focus on the field of people’s livelihood, and adhere to the emergence of the people, continue to improve the quality level of the masses, and further crack the "three rural" financing problems. Contribute financial strength to rural resolution. (Hu Hong, Zhang Rui) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.