The sweet riser ends the devil schedule will be ready to do a good job in the Liaolan.

The sweet riser ends the devil schedule will be ready to do a good job in the Liaolan.

  Due to the Chinese men’s basketball team to prepare for the Men’s World Cup Asian Qualifier this month, the CBA League will enter the suspended state after 13 rounds. The first stage of the regular season, the Liaoning men’s basketball team is in the list of 12 wins and 1 loss, this grade is surprised.

  However, due to the hard warmers encountered by the Liaoning men’s basketball team, the hardship of the next schedule will inevitably increase, the team must prepare the corresponding preparation.

  The first stage of the Liaoning men’s basketball team, whether it is a result or the content of the game, is quite perfect.

Compared with the past season, the Same period of the Liaoning men’s basketball team is second only to the 2014-2015 season of the opening 17-game winning. At the same time as the team fierce all the way, the team also gave the young player’s full exercise opportunity, and the two "first grade freshmen" Zhou Jun Cheng and Yu Zechen have a bright performance. The former has entered the team’s starting lineup with no feature defensive, and the latter continues the feel of the Games competition, and scores externally in three points. In addition, it is worth mentioning, although he is not completely qualified third control, this season has made significant progress. However, it should also be seen that the Liaoning men’s basketball team will not be mistaken, and the team is relatively easy to relatively in the first phase of the team.

In the 13 games, in addition to the two battles of Zhejiang Guangxia, the Liaoning men’s basketball team did not recruite the top six teams in the top of other points.

Most opponents and the Liaoning men’s basketball team have obvious strength gaps. Some teams can only discharge all Chinese lineups, and the threats made by the Liaoning men’s basketball team are limited.

Because of such a sweet rig, Liaoning men’s basketball team has achieved perfect start. However, the schedule is advantageous is only relative, and the opening is relatively easy, which means that the Liaoning men’s basketball team will face more tests. 25 regular seasonings under this season, Liaoning men’s basketball team need to meet the traditional strong teams such as Guangdong team, Beijing team, Zhejiang Eweizhou team, but also to meet the challenges of the Shanghai team, Shenzhen team, etc., and the Shenzhen team, etc. The probability of the devil schedule is very large.

  In addition, some teams will increase foreign aid. For most CBA teams, there is no foreign aid to the team’s strength is quite large. For the Liaoning Men’s Basketball, the top 13 rounds of excellence have laid a good foundation for the team to achieve good results in regular seas.

However, this season’s CBA standings show the trend of polarization, the advantage of chasing people after the Liaoning men’s basketball team is not obvious, and the seventh place and the Liaoning men’s basketball team are only two winners. Therefore, the Liaoning men’s basketball team should fully prepare for hard work, which is also convenient for the team to gradually switch to the "playoff pattern" in the second half of the regular season. Reporter Li Xiang Editor: Feng Qingyang.

Thousands of people painted bathouses "Thousands of birds" Miao embroidered mother said non-legacy

Thousands of people painted bathouses "Thousands of birds" Miao embroidered mother said non-legacy

"Mom teaches her daughter, her daughter teaches her daughter, and the generation is inherited.

"Danzhai Miao Xi Niang said non-legacy:" We don’t have to spend the rules, and the lines don’t need rules. These birds don’t have to play drafts. Flying, just live! "On May 15th, the 2nd China Danzhai is open, non-legacy show, stunt show, batik, silver-torn art show, and special food, famous doctor clinic, academic forum … From skills display to academic discuption, from Leisure entertainment to medical health, is rich in activities, and it is fascinating.

As one of the important activities of the non-wealth, thousands of hand-painted bat batches have attracted a large number of tourists to stop watching. In the event, a Miao embroidered mother took an interview to introduce his hand-painted experience to the scene. Badik is a representative project of Danzhai’s famous intangible cultural heritage, Jinji is a Miao’s auspicious totem. During the non-hever, the organizing committee plans to organize thousands of people’s hand drawn wax dyed thousand birds. Visitors can pass the inheritance of the non-protocol, and experienced the pole pattern on a hundred meters long scrolls, leaving their own hand on this recorded batik.

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South African Chinese and Chinese Cultural Training Course

South African Chinese and Chinese Cultural Training Course

People’s Daily Online Johannesburg October 31 (Reporter Wang Lei) October 29, local time The training course is jointly hosted by the South China Economic and Trade Association and the Johannesburg University Confucius Institute (Johbao House), will help South Africa’s employees to understand Chinese culture, improve personal professional literacy, and quickly integrate into the working environment.

The opening ceremony of the day has more than 70 local employees from many members of the South China Economic and Trade Association, and the company representatives and guests participate.

The Chinese Embassy in South African accused Xuedong, Johannesburg University Vice President Sha Salab Singha, Wang Wen’an, the president of the South China Economic and Trade Association, Peng Yu, and other lines at the Interior of the Yueyuan, the Employe, attended the event and delivered speeches. Xue Dong is fully affirming the meaning of the training course. He said that more and more people in the world want to learn Chinese and understand China.

Since the epidemic, the people of Zhongnan will help each other.

Students who study Chinese and Chinese culture will also make positive contributions to the cultural exchanges and economic and trade development of the two countries. Sa Sarabrin Schuna said that in the context of the new crown epidemics, the Josebao Constra has provided training for the local employees of China-funded enterprises, and actively contributing to the promotion of Zhongnan Economic and Trade Cooperation. Johannesburg University has been committed to developing entrepreneurial ecosystems in the local area, and cooperation with the South China Economic and Trade Association will become an opportunity to help entrepreneurship ecosystems to achieve internationalization and promote the cooperation between Central and South Innovation.

Wang Wen’an represents the South China Economic and Trade Association thanks to Johor Bahru. He said that the trade and economic development of Central and South China has developed rapidly. Since the establishment of the Southern China Economic and Trade Association, the members of the Association invest more than $ 14 billion in South Africa, creating nearly 30,000 jobs for local communities. I believe this training course will not only help South Africa’s employees better understand Chinese culture and language, but will also create better conditions for companies to carry out economic and trade activities. Peng Wei hosted the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. She said that in recent years, the Yueyuan has achieved remarkable results in teaching, cultural activities, academic research, and forms the characteristics of science and technology.

In addition to the University of Johannesburg, Jinshan University, Josbeard also provides Chinese teaching and training in government agencies and social staff, including government agencies and social staff, etc. in South business agencies, South Africa national ministries, and has accumulated rich experience.

The training class was governed by the Chinese Embassy in South African, jointly organized by the South China Economic and Trade Association, and received the technical platform of China Telecom South Africa, the training support for the University of Cape Town and Western Cape University.

Local students are very excited after participating in the first Chinese culture and Chinese training courses, expressed their expectations for the next course.

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Xinxiang City Civil Defense Office carries out the Directive Party Day

Xinxiang City Civil Defense Office carries out the Directive Party Day

All party members first came to the Huilong Spiritual Exhibition Room, and listened to the staff to explain the advanced deeds of Comrade Zhang Rong Lu, while stopping the development process of Huilong Village. I deeply understand that I will return to the leadership of Zhang Rongbo, and I dare to face the unusual natural environment. In the case of lack of funds, the conditions are hard, and the mountain pole, the monk bridge, open the nine hills, on the cliff A feat of "survival roads, united roads and rich road", ended the history of Huilong Village, so that the hill villages of the past poverty have become a difficult course of modern Xiaokang Village. Subsequently, all the party members came to the "Huilong spirit" in the middle of the road, the entrance to the villagers to build the village, and revisited the party vows, and the party group members, and the deputy director Zhang Jiqiang led all the personnel to the party flag, raised the right box, solemnly oath.

Then, all the party members retired the 8-kilometer Panshan Highway and 1000 meters of the "S" tunnel of the return of the villagers in the year, and looked at the people of the return of the people from the cliffs of the Taihang Mountain cliffs from Taihang Mountain. Cave, everyone is encouraged, fighting high, full of confidence in the new era, people’s defense industries.

After this field visited, everyone was arrested by the people of the people, and the "returning spirit" of the hard struggle was deeply shocked. They have said that they have to learn the party history, continue to go forward, and we will continue to consolidate the people in the "Huilong spirit" The air defense is the initial heart of the people; actively play the model role of party members, in the modern people’s air defense, "strong service ability, strong support ability, strong support ability", practice "war air defense, usual service, emergency support" mission Acting; in the process of casting the indestructible "Shield" of the Migrator.

(Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi).

Win-win in de toekomst met "World" – vanaf de expo om China ‘Entry’ 20 jaar te bekijken

Win-win in de toekomst met "World" – vanaf de expo om China ‘Entry’ 20 jaar te bekijken

Bouwvakkers Lay-outcabines voor een robotonderneming in de 4e import-tentoonstellingszaal (foto van 29 oktober).

Xinhua News Agency Reporter Fang Xiaoma’s WTO Voordat de WTO-enquête zei dat de inzet van China de meest diepgaande en uitgebreide, niet alleen op originele basis, maar ook op bepaalde gebieden een hoger niveau is. Vandaag, staande in de toegangslocaties, kunt u de gigantische verandering voelen die naar China zal brengen.

Dit jaar is Unila om deel te nemen aan het 200e jaar in het vierde opeenvolgende jaar, en het tentoonstellingsgebied is de grootste in de loop der jaren. "Unilipha is een van de vroegste multinationale bedrijven die de Chinese markt binnenkomen, verzamelt meer dan $ 3 miljard in China.

De continue expansie van China van de werkelijke initiatieven is zelfverzekerd meer geworden in onze langetermijninvesteringen en ontwikkeling van de Chinese markt. "Zeng Ten, president van Unila, president van Chinese openbare aangelegenheden, zei. Terugkijkend in 20 jaar, aan het begin van China heeft China geen twijfels en zorgen, maar China heeft een antwoord in daadwerkelijke acties.

"Integratie van de wereldeconomie is de richting van de geschiedenis, de Chinese economie moet zich ontwikkelen, we moeten durven om naar de Wangyang-zee op de wereldmarkt te gaan om te zwemmen.

"Word lid van de WTO, continu breidende de open China tegengekomen vortex in de zee, ontmoette een wind en golven, maar bleef groeien in de wind en regen.

  In de Verenigde Staten en de Verenigde Staten deelt de wereldmogelijkheden de ingang van dit jaar, de US Chemical Giant Dow heeft van tevoren afspraak om deel te nemen aan de volgende sessie.

"De Chinese economie ontwikkelt duurzamere manieren, die ons meer kansen zullen brengen.

"President of Dow Company Asia Pacific President Peng Ruisi vertelde verslaggevers" "We zullen blijven investeren in China, diep cultiveren China, samen met China ontwikkelen."


The country’s first elderly people have issued in Hunan 18th Cave

The country’s first elderly people have issued in Hunan 18th Cave

Opening smart technology’s "care model" of the elderly, the first old age certificate has issued the 18th cave villages in Shuanglong Town, Shuanglong Town, Huayun County, 18th Cave. On the morning of December 10, the country’s first elderly people have been issued here.

For the hull "big sister", today is a special day, she will lead to the country’s first elderly manic electronic evidence. The staff of Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture Big Data Center, said that the elderly people of the stone have been in the country as early as November, and it has been generated in the country in November. It is the "genuine genuine" national first. There are several old sisters, and I came to the village auditorium early, I came to the village auditorium. At 10 o’clock in the morning, with the guests from Beijing, Jinan, Changsha and other places come, the village of 18 villages in 18 is full of lively. 20 villagers and other representatives of stone blocked, and they worked in a seedlings. The issuance ceremony started, and the hull received the "People’s Republic of China’s Elderly Certificate" electronic license sign from the person in charge of Xiangxi.

The elderly evident electronic license is an electronic form of the elderly to confirm the body.

Applying and generating the old people over the age of 60, using the smartphone to open the App application directly, you can take the bus in Xi’an, Jinan, Chengdu, Changsha, Xiangxi, etc., free to take the bus. And enjoy the preferential service in the scenic area, no need to carry a bus card, the elderly people, etc., travel, play, play more convenient.

"The operation of the electronic license is relatively simple, which is a pragmatic initiative to solve the ‘digital gap’ ‘.

"Eighteen Cave Village Retired Teacher Yang Dong Shi feels."

Director Long Yonghua, director of the Data Center, Xiangxi, introduced the pilot work of electronic documents, and the elderly government service platform, relying on the national integrated government service platform to promote the elderly people’s electronic evangelism, interoperability, interact, to solve the use of intelligence of the elderly Terminal equipment is difficult to guide, allowing the elderly to enjoy the results of information development. At present, Xiangxi has implemented the elderly people’s electronic documents, bus, and scenic innovation applications "a code pass", and completed "cross-provincial mutual recognition" with other pilot regions.

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The Communist Youth League Central Secretariat conveyed the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party

The Communist Youth League Central Secretariat conveyed the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the Party

  On November 12th, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of China hosted the Conference of the Secretary, conveyed the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party.

Comrades of the Secretary attended the meeting.

  The meeting believes that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is in our party’s 100-year-old birthday, in a comprehensive construction of a well-off society, achieving the first hundred years of struggle, and open a major historical node for building a new socialist modern country. Extremely important conferences, which promotes the further unity of ideas, unifying will, unified actions, and unity lead the people of all nationalities in the country to seize new era of socialism with new era, with significant practical significance and profound history. The meeting believes that, in the past year, in the face of the severe situation of the century epidemic and hundred-year-old, in the face of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the heavy task of opening the new journey, with the party central party, the party, the party, the party, the party, coordinating the domestic and international internationalities, coordinating Epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, coordinating development and security, promoting new major achievements in the party and national undertakings. In particular, successfully held a 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech. It officially announced a comprehensive construction of a well-off society, and incentive the whole party’s national people’s sense of gust of gust into the new journey to the second hundred years of struggle. New journey.

In this great process, under the deep baptism of the party history, the billioniye people have great enlightenment, and the spirit is greatly excited. Contact Parties leaders the people to prevent the new crown epidemic, and finally win the poverty attack, fight natural disasters The facts of great victory, contact Parties and the government to promote education fairness, introduce a series of specific initiatives such as "double reduction" measures, optimize birth policies, promote young employment, and truly feel the charm of General Secretary Xi Jinping, strong history, deep The people’s feelings, strengthen the "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", to achieve the consciousness of "two maintenance" greatly improved, "Please rest assured, strong state" has become a common voice of new era adolescents.

  The meeting believes that the "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s 100-year Struggle and Historical Experience" as the third historical resolution in our party history, adhere to the historical materialism and correct party history, with the top two historical resolutions, close, close Connect, fully review our party’s brilliant history, written by the Hongjun poetry, summarize the great road to the party in various historical stages in the past 100 years, the great achievements of the creation, condensed our party’s 100-year struggle 5 historical significance, deep revealing the 10 historical experience of our party accumulation in the pasture, solemnly declare that our party group leaders to lead the Chinese people, starting the future, in the new history of the second hundred years of struggle, moving forward Serious confidence and victory determination, is a programs that come before, continue to open, have major political value, theoretical value, practical value and milestone significant literature. In particular, further scientific summary of the core content of Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, clearly calibrate the major theoretical status of this guiding ideology, to persist in socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, For the promotion of the self-revolution of the party, the vitality of the party will continue to struggle with the people of all ethnic groups in the country to achieve the great revival of the Chinese nation, and have a significant and far-reaching guiding significance.

  The meeting emphasized that since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the party centers of Xi Jinping as the core of the party, remember the mission, the excitement, and the intensive innovation, the great struggle, the great project, great cause, great dreams, and promote the party and national career Historic achievements, historical changes, promotion of Marxist China to realize new leaps, realizing the great renewable history of the Chinese nation into the unversable historical process, writing a new era of a new era of a hundred-year-old party history.

The party established the core of Xi Jinping, the core of the Party Central Committee, the core status of the whole party, establishes the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, which reflects the common wishes of all party people, including hundreds of millions of teenagers, and new The development of the Times and the national undertakings have decisive significance for promoting the great revival history of the Chinese nation. All meetings are closely rounded from this fundamental principle, focus on what we are doing, clearly painting the development blueprint of the new era of the party’s cause, to specify the direction of the whole party, provide basic follow, will encourage the entire party The people of the people are more closely united around the party in the party of Xi Jinping as the core, fully implement the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking of Xi Jinping, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the great revival of the Chinese nation’s great revival. The meeting requested that the Communist Youth League should keep in mind the glorious responsibility of the party’s assistant and the reserve army, and faithfully implement the specific requirements of party education in the "resolution". At present and in the next week, all levels of the Communist Youth League, Qinglian, Search, and Shandou will organize the promotion to implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session spirit as the primary political task, and earnestly grasp, quickly and quickly rise.

To learn the spirit of the plenary meeting, the leadership organs of all levels Theoretically study the center group to learn one step, deeply learn the first floor; the general group cadres must take the lead to learn, understand the basic content, master important perspectives, understand the requirements; The grassroots group branch should act immediately, organize all the members, effectively carry out the study; group schools at all levels must pay close attention to the class, there is a plan, and the central Plenary is incorporated into the education and training content of the Central Committee, and effectively put the thoughts and action of the group. Unify the spirit of the Central Committee. It is necessary to improve the propaganda and lead the effect, relying on the new media platform, adhere to the distribution of distribution, use a good job of practicing the product, focusing on achieving education and situation education, innovation, conducting an in-depth, tangible and effective preaching, seminars, etc., focusing on improving targeted, Effectiveness, especially to play the advanced nature of the Communist Party, promote all teenagers and the public to learn to understand the central spirit, constantly consolidate the system confidence, and firmly move the party Chinese, and the party will follow the party.

It is necessary to deepen the education of party history, and focus on "learning party history, strong beliefs, and party" learning education to the party, and guide the team’s adolescents based on the effectiveness of the early working results, highlight ideological and Knowledge, further seize the main line of the party history theme, understand the party’s major historical conclusions, and constantly enhance the rational recognition of the party, and more consciously practices the firm beliefs and faithful practitioners of the socialist thinking of China ‘s new era. It is necessary to promote the reform and development of the group, focusing on the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, prepare for the 18th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, sum up the party’s youth’s history experience, and strengthen the construction of the new era, the key deployment is comprehensive Strict treatment group work, further promoting the Qing Dynasty and deepening the reform, and better for the cultivation of the party to cultivate a new era of national rejuvenation. To plan next year’s theme activities, according to central requirements, the system will celebrate the work of the 100th anniversary of the group, leading the team’s adolescents to continue to study the spirit of the Central Committee, meet the party’s 20 victory with high-spirited and excellent results.

Taiyuan City Cultural Relics Bureau advance into the provincial cooperation

Taiyuan City Cultural Relics Bureau advance into the provincial cooperation

"If you pass in the north, whoever doesn’t recall the home." In the city’s cultural relics system cadres and implement the province, the twelfth party congress of the city, the cultural relics protection and use of specialized capacity improvement training courses, the cadres of many cultural relics systems The employee remembered the poet of the Tang Dynasty in the "Send Zhang Dynasty" in the poem. The class is also a provincial cooperation promotion. A number of well-known professors at home and abroad shared the research results in their respective research.

The professor of the Historical Geography Research Center, Fudan University, in the "Important Cognition and Thinking" of the Environmental Change Issues in the Central Historical Period, Talking about the "Development and Environment" in the middle of the Shanxi, Tang poetry, " Seeing "Zhangzhou": "Leaning is the state of the state, the young people," Lu Yi, the hometown, also returned to the state … "Building a total of win-win and expanding the cultural influence provincial school cooperation is a kind of win-win choice, for the cultural relic Protection and college research will play a positive role.

The red cultural resources in our city are abundant. At present, there are 27 non-mobile revolutionary cultural relics. The first provincial-level red cultural sites, more than 50 municipal, county-level red cultural sites are declare.

All major universities in the country are concentrated in talents, with highlighting talent advantages, research advantages, and technology advantages. Since the development of the provincial cooperation work, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have fully promoted the construction of "12 Bases", the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau led the construction of red education and national education base.

During the docking negotiation of Shanghai’s five colleges and universities, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau fully exerted the advantages of special cultural resources in our city, with a long history and culture of Shanxi and Taiyuan, and promoted the rich cultural relics resources and red cultural resources of Taiyuan rich revolutionary cultural relics and red cultural resources. Actively promote the construction of red education and national education base. The provincial cooperation has been fully advanced, and the city has identified 12 college partnership needs projects, involving 5 universities.

Among them, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau is responsible for implementing three colleges of colleges and universities. Building a red education and national education base project with Shanghai Jiaotong University, including the development of red cultural research, social practice, exhibition exchange, etc., held red education and national education base listing ceremony in the Memorial Hall of Shanxi National Normal Site Revolution; cooperation Ancient Jian Protection Research Project.

The Municipal Cultural Relics Administration exchanges two-way exchanges, resource sharing in terms of disease survey and prevention of architecture and color plastic murals.

Cooperation with Fudan University, the historical and cultural research project is mainly working with the school security professor research team, studying the historical geography of Shanxi and the history of the Northern Dynasties, the history of northern ethnic history, and explore historical cultural relics and value in Shanxi, promotion. Historical and cultural in Shanxi. Up to now, the city has formed "a three-dimensional two-side heavy" to build red education and national education base. One, instant machine relying on the college student internship training opportunity; three-in-one, referring to the content, conduct exhibition Chen exchange, thinking of research, volunteer service; two side weight, that is, heavy refined courses and interactive immersive experience. Let college teachers and students have a deep revolutionary culture, red culture, excellent Chinese traditional culture, and enlargement of Taiyuan. Jiji Ji Minji Injection Development New Vitality Provincial School Cooperation, Ji Cai Zhi. Since June this year, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau has carried out 20 cooperation projects with 6 provincial universities, Shanxi University, etc. of Peking University, covering the protection of cultural relics, archaeological research, planning plan design, red culture Research and other business areas, the results are obvious, fruitful. In terms of cultural relics and civilian protection research projects, July 29, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau invited Cao Yongkang, director of the International Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University Design Institute, in the Jin Heping Museum, "The Academic Exchange of" Provincial Cooperation ‘Cultural Relics Protection ", The two sides discussed in-depth discussion on the cultural relics of the Temple of the Jinci, fish castle beams, halls and other cultural relics, and laid a solid foundation for in-depth cooperation research.

In terms of red education and national education, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau actively takes measures to attract and receive university teachers and students and carry out red education and national education.

Since the establishment of the provincial school cooperation, we have coordinated 10 batches of 8 colleges and universities in Peking University and Tsinghua University, and 209 teachers and students.

On September 24th, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau and the Shanghai Jiaotong University Marxist have held the "Signing Ceremony of Building a Red Education and National Education Base" in the Municipal Museum, which is awarded the Memorial Hall for Shanxi National Normal Site Revolutionary Activities.

At the same time, the "100-year salary of China – Celebration of China – Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China" jointly organized the "100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China". "

"Provincial school cooperation is cultural relics protection, research provides resource support, talent support, cultural relics from cooperation, open ideas, open up the vision, and enhance cultural confidence." Liu Yuli, Party Secretary of the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau, said The whole city’s cultural relics system carefully studied the spirit of the 19th National Party Congress and the province, the twelfth party conference of the party, further maintaining the heat of Shanghai Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities, leaving special cultural and red cultural resources, and promoting provincial schools Cooperation in the cultural relics system, strengthen the depth of cooperation, broaden cooperation, and achieve resource sharing, cooperation and win-win, and empower the high quality development of cultural relics in our city.

(Reporter Zhuang Fengfei Correspondent Li Xingyue) (Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

[Daily habits] to build a community of online space

[Daily habits] to build a community of online space

  Xi Jinping: Network space is the common activities of human being, and the destiny of network space should be jointly mastered by countries.

Countries should strengthen communication, expand consensus, deepen cooperation, and build a community of online space.

  This paragraph comes from Ji Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Internet Conference on December 16, 2015.

  With the rapid development of information technology, the network space has become a new channel of information dissemination, the new space of production and life, the new engine of economic development, the new platform of cultural and prosperous new support, social governance, and new links. At the same time, the development of the Internet has also brought new challenges to the sovereignty, security and development interests of the world. In cyberspace, human beings are the fate community developed by the development, safety, and fate. Implementation of global network space security and orderly development, first, the international community should strengthen communication, expand consensus, deepen cooperation, accelerate global network infrastructure construction, and reduce the "digital divide" between countries; second, promote network space management multi-field Cooperation is developed to the depth development, and the interaction of Internet technology, laws and policies in the interconnection; third, improve the network space dialogue negotiation mechanism, promote the development of cybuar rules that can be accepted by all parties in cooperation exchanges. Differences, pursue a win-win; fourth, dealing with the conflict between cyberspace, respect each other’s network sovereignty, strengthen security cooperation in response to network terrorism, online crime, online fraud, etc.

  Realize the profound changes in the Internet Global Governance System, need to build peace, safe, open, cooperative network space, establish a global Internet governance system for multilateral, democratic, and transparent.

Only by adhering to building a community concept of network space, gathering the international community’s largest number of network space safety, stability, and prosperity expectations, in order to specify the direction of the global network space development. Special experts in this issue: Yue Awu Nanjing Information Engineering University Marxist College (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Share more people to see.

Watch the mood and induce heart disease? Healthy watch, foreign media give you a few tricks – (2)

Watch the mood and induce heart disease? Healthy watch, foreign media give you a few tricks – (2)

On the other hand, the study also noted the difference between the new crown epidemic and closed prevention and control (not allowed to enter the stadium ganglian). When people can’t go to the racket watch, if the team will lose the game as the flight team, the emergency response will increase, and when the team wins at home, the emergency response will be reduced. In terms of admission, after the closed prevention and control, the number of admitted people was reduced after the addition of the squad, which was completely opposite to the situation of the epidemic.

The results of this study were consistent with other research results, which showed that negative emotions (especially hostility and anger) were closely related to the onset of cardiovascular disease.

The study also pointed out the relationship between negative emotions and depression, anxiety, and Types (tend to show ambition, competitiveness and work efforts, and impatient, temporary urgency and hostile attitude). The study also shows that patients who have treated treatment in the team in the team have higher blood pressure, diabetes, and blood lipids abnormalities (changes in lipids and protein levels in the blood). After the closed prevention and control, the patient’s control of these cardiovascular risk factors is worse. The Spanish Heart Society provides some suggestions so that people can enjoy the fun of football, while avoiding heart attack: – Adjust your mentality, don’t look too heavy.

Psychological preparation is very important to avoid emotional dizzy.