"Pu’er practice on the new journey": "Yang in Pu’er" people yearning

"Pu’er practice on the new journey": "Yang in Pu’er" people yearning

Original title: "Yang in Pu’er" people yearning to Pu’er is the largest ecological oasis of the world’s northern return line, this is good, good climate, good weather, good resources, and has a superior condition for high-end integrity and tourism. Developing ecotourism is Pu’erThe green water green hill is the best path in Jinshan Yinshan.

  In June of this year, the provincial government’s provincial government Pu’er site office will clearly put forward Pu’er construction into an international eco-tourist resort, and draw a beautiful blueprint for Pu’er’s domain tourism.

Pu’er City deepens the structural reform of tourism supply side, adheres to large hand polls, high standard investment, start construction and development of a group of high-end scenic spots, idyllic complexes, high-end hotels, high-end tourism products, and achieve "Wen Travel Medical Sciences"The chain development, striving to "raise in Pu’er" health brands in the country and even the world, and strive to make the tour industry into the engine of the future Pu’er economy and society.

  Based on green, good ecological achievements are good to experience Pu’er is the source of tea horn. Developing the ancient Tao Tao sites integrating ecology, culture, and historical, to create a good Tourism experience, not only demonstrate Pu’er ecological culture, but also in line with market demand and tourism product development law, follow the ecological, high-endization The concept, according to the Pu’er Tea Horse Road Tourism Scenic Area, which is created in accordance with the AAAAA level scenic spot. Today, the original tea horse ancient roads between Lamelo and the land of the land is not far from the Pu’er City. In order to improve the quality of the experience, the ancient road has built a high-altitude cableway, and the ancient road segment has been optimized. It is not suitable for hiking ancient road sections, and the new flat trail will be built, and the original ancient ruins fence is protected; at the same time, build Tang, Song, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qingwu House, showing different historical periodic cultures, allowing people to learn about tea in the past and present students in tea in the ancient road. Transforming first-class resources into first-class products, bringing high-quality travel experience to visitors. It turns out to submerge the tea horses in the original forest, and become a high-quality tourism product and bright business card.

  Green is the biggest feature of Pu’er, the ecology is the biggest advantage of Pu’er. Pu’er City fully utilizes its resource endowment, directly introducing embedded, immersive, experienced high-end deep travel ecotourism projects, let the beauty of nature present in front of the world in best.

  "Push the room door, you can see the canyon landscape, Yunhai can even go into the room.

"Xi Kang Yunshu Mars, the Hemishan Hotel built on the edge of Baiman Mountain, the Yiyi Autonomous County, Jinggu Yiyi Autonomous County, and the Blue Sky Baiyun, the Forest Canyon is integrated. The deputy general manager of the hotel is introduced, the project covers an area of ??243 mu, building 54 rooms.

In the first phase of the project, an open-air bar, a cliff pool and other facilities, in addition to the room, there are rooms, tent camps, jungle expansion and other experience projects.

The hotel is officially opened this year, and it has been added to Pu’er Ecotourism. The first-class, good ecological shaping, a large brand as China officially declared the world cultural heritage project, Pu’er Jingshan ancient tea forest culture landscape has unique ecosystems and superb ecological wisdom, thousands of years, natural primitive forest and artificial cultivation tea tree The symbiotic ecological landscape is a model of human and natural harmonious symbiosis. At the moment, Jingmai Mountain ancient tea forest is fully committed to the protection of heritage, is accelerating the construction of high-end tourism service facilities, and launchs the creation of AAAA-level tourist attractions.

  "Shao Mountain – Non-Shan" National Park Construction Project The future is not only an ecological scenic spot, but also the international exchange platform. Pu’er City deepens the structural reform of tourism supply side, highlights high quality landscape, high quality service, high level consumption, adhere to the whole process of personal characteristics, creative genes into the tourism industry, and strive to build in the country and even the world " Raise in Pu’er "health brands. Create a group of high-end scenic spots, accelerate the construction of the Leisure Tourism Demonstration Zone of the River River, will increase the construction of Jingmang Mountain Ancient Tea Forest, Pu’er National Park, Xi’an Tribe, etc., in accordance with the national AAAA level scenic spot standard, create 20 AAAA level scenic spots within 3 years above. Create a batch of idyllic complexes, focus on leisure agriculture, Chinese medicine planting, creative agriculture, high-level planning construction of Tamjing Mountain, Si Mao South Island River, Jinggu 勐, Zhenli Qianjiazhai and other pastoral complex, further start Cultural tourism brands such as Old Dao Bao, Ninglang Nugar, Grinding Red Beautiful Village.

  Create a batch of high-end hotels, accelerate the introduction of international famous brand hotels, more than 5 international brand hotels in 3 years, 3 years of operation, half-mountain hotel, 5 years in the central city layout, 3-star hotel, the city built operation five Star Levels Hotel is more than 15. Combining development, good ecology highlights new advantages Pu’er City to strengthen industry linkage, promote ecological tourism and other industrial synchronous development, integration development. With Jing Mushan Ancient Tealand Cultural Landscape, it is leading, increase the protection of the ancient tea mountains such as Pu’er Mountain, adhere to the idea of ??"the ancient tea mountain + travel + contribution", and vigorously develop organic tea planting, tea culture experience, The tea garden complex, tea garden camp, tea garden, tea garden, and tea garden, and tea garden, and tea gardens and tea gardens. Relying on the complete forest ecosystem, seize the national industrial policy opportunities, increase the national forest park, forest city, forest rural construction, all-in-law development of forest rehabilitation, forestry, forest adventure, forest food, starry experience, science research, etc. Promoting Tourism and Environmental Protection, Tourism and Modern Forest Industry Depth Integration. Based on the comprehensive range of hot spring resource endowments, integrate resources such as forests, rivers and lakes, introduce a group of medium and high-end medical contributions, high-quality development hot spring physiotherapy, hot spring health, hot spring beauty and other skills, forming a boutique hot spring treatment of strings The line is promoted to the development of tourism and medical and intensive deep integration.

  Strengthen historical cultural relics, ancient buildings and cultural relics and prototypes, and rescue protection and protection of culturally remain culturally around Pu’er Hospital, Tea Mao Gu Road and Guzhen Guzhai, old Street Old Lane, traditional residence, traditional skills.

Attach great importance to the driving project to the surrounding movement, enhance the integration of rural construction and projects, and promote tourism and rural construction and the development of national cultures.

(Li Han Yong, Wang Xiaojie Chen Xin Long Hou Tingting) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

"Ontsteken" en heeft "interesse" schoonheid en harde core beiqi groep Beijing Auto Show "Home Show"

"Ontsteken" en heeft "interesse" schoonheid en harde core beiqi groep Beijing Auto Show "Home Show"

Op 26 september schopte de 16e Beijing International Automobile-tentoonstelling uit. Beiqi Group brengt Arcfox, Peking Automobiel, Peking Off-Road, Beiqi Futian, Beijing Mercedes, Beijing Modern Landing Inland E4 Museum.

ArcFoxaT, Beijing-X7, BJ40 Tribute 2020 versie van de nieuwe producten van dit jaar Alle debuut, Peking auto 2020 Concept Auto Radiance, Peking Auto First Plug-in Hybrid Model Beijing-X7PHEV, BJ30, Beiqi Fatian PICKA-generaal G9 en andere autonome nieuwe auto-release . Jiang Deyi, voorzitter, voorzitter van de Boaster Grouter, plaatsvervangend secretaris van het Partijcommissie, General Manager Zhang Xiyong, de Partijcommissie Veiligheidssecretaris, Partij Comité Permanent Comité, Deputy General Manager Cai Changping, Partij Comité Permanent Comité, Partij Comité, Plaatsvervangend General Manager Jiang Zi Li, Deputy General Manager Yongmao, Deputy General Manager Liao Zhenbo woonde de eerste dag van de North Automobile Group bij.

Een grootschalig full-screen brandend punt onafhankelijke merksterkte geavanceerd "zoomen" gelanceerd de eerste dag, ARCFOX, Beijing Auto, Beiqi Futian, Beijing Mercedes, Beijing Hyundai hield een persconferentie. Bij de Motor Conferentie van Beijing, zei Cai Yiping, het Permanent Comité en de plaatsvervangend General Manager van de Beiqi Group, dat de automobielindustrie het zware voorwerp van de wereld is, stevig op de weg van onafhankelijke merken, is de beiqi-groep om een ??groot te maken, een sterk merk, vertrouwen en vastberadenheid.

In de toekomst zal Beiqi zich concentreren op technologie, merk, marketing, service, de traditionele technologie van dikke profilering, China, koppeling, parallelle, wereldwijde klant, wereldwijde industrieketen-partners om betere producten en diensten te bieden, nieuwe incrementele waarde te bieden .

De Beijing-auto bracht Beijing-X7PHEP en Beijingradiance Concept-auto uit. Beijing-X7PHEV is de eerste plunjer van de Peking-auto, de offici?le gids is 10.000 yuan, de ge?ntegreerde levensduur van de batterij kan 1010km bereiken, en de snelheid is slechts enkele seconden. Beijingradiance is de nieuwe vlaggenschipconceptauto van de Beijing, uitgerust met L4 Automatic rijden, met pure elektriciteit om 800km te bereiken.

Beiqi groep high-end nieuwe energiemerk Arcfox eerste massaproductiemodel ArcfoxaT aangekondigd pre-sale Prijs: 250.000 yuan tot 330.000 yuan. Deze auto is ‘s werelds eerste commercieel ingerichte 5G-technologie-autosproducten,’ s werelds eerste commerci?le lading, ‘s werelds eerste commerci?le mijlen, NEDC eindeloze mijlen, met honderd kilometer om slechts enkele seconden te versnellen en het algemene geavanceerde hulpniveau bereikt het niveau.

Deze automatische show, Peking Off-Road heeft het eerste Odd Series-model BJ30 gepositioneerd als City SUV, BJ212, 2020 BJ80, 2020 BJ40 CITY HUNTER-EDITION, BJ40 TRUIT 2020-versie van Off-Road Modellen.

Beiqi Futian heeft een hoog brede, hard-hard-hard-harde, futian Picarda, G9 uitgebracht. Deze "stoere jongens" hebben een ijzer- en stalen legioen gevormd in de Beiqi Group-stand, die de "Speciale" kleur van Beiqi Group-merk benadrukken. Een verscheidenheid aan leuke lijnen op de auto-show Directe toegang tot de North Automobile Group in lijnuitzending, buitenweergave en de hoofdlocatie, de automatische show "Express" aan het publiek. De Beijing Auto Show North Automobile Group Eerst gebruikte Live Transportation In de eerste keer, nodigde Peking TV Station bekende gastheer Chun Ni, gehouden "Chunnai brengt u naar Beiqi" Live Broadcast-activiteiten. Op 29 september zullen vijf activiteiten aanwezig zijn in de 20e activiteiten, presenteren de Peking-auto, Peking off-road, Arcfox, Beijing Hyundai Merk Boutique Model, Chunni zal met het hoofd van het merk leven.

Tien netto rode bloggers uit de Shake, Quick-End, en de continue uitzending, zullen alle dagen brengen om de hele dag op 27, 28 oktober 1 oktober, en vergezellend het publiek te vergezellen. Eenvoudig te zien de automatische show. Van 1 oktober tot 7e zijn de Beiqi Group de meest intensieve vier belangrijke zakelijke districten in het noordwesten van Peking, Tongzhou Wanda Plaza, Shiteshan Wanda Plaza, Fengke Wanda Plaza, Chaoyang Joy City om buiten tentoonstellingsactiviteiten te houden. De evenementensite vertoont een verscheidenheid aan modellen van Arcfox, Beijing, Beijing off-road, Beijing Hyundai en stelt een breed scala aan uitvoeringen, interacties, ervaringsverbindingen en rijke kleine geschenken. Als u deelneemt aan het evenement, krijgt u de mogelijkheid om tickets te krijgen voor de Auto Show, Beijing Yidi Xiaowang Family Day Trip and Reservation Test Drive, boek een auto-aankoop, enz. In de afgelopen 100 jaar bevordert Beiqi nieuwe reis de hoogwaardige duurzame ontwikkeling van ondernemingen. In 2020 is de Biqi Group in de 62 briljante geschiedenis gegaan en de geaccumuleerde uitgang bedroeg de afgelopen acht jaar 30 miljoen, en de "World 500" in de afgelopen acht jaar . Zoals de eerste jaarlijkse inkomsten in Beijing, heeft de stad een staatsbedrijf, de beiqi-groep blijft de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de kapitaalindustrie, die de rol van "krimpende steen" heeft gespeeld in de hoofdlettereconomie onder de uitdaging van de epidemie. In de afgelopen 100 jaar is er geen grote verandering, omarm het tijdperk van nieuwe technologische revolutie en nieuwe industri?le verandering, beiqi-groep is volledig gericht op onafhankelijke innovatie, verdieping van hervorming en strategische transformatie, streven naar cre?ren "High, New, Special" Industrial Structuur, versnel "Intelligence Network Linkage," nieuwe energie "uitgebreide ontwikkeling, zal meer dan 30 miljoen beiqi-gebruikers in binnen-en buitenland maken voor meer dan 30 miljoen beiqi-gebruikers in binnen-en buitenland voor meer dan 30 miljoen North Air-gebruikers in binnen- en buitenland .

Implementation rules for the implementation of the application for the application of new energy car consumption subsidies are released

Implementation rules for the implementation of the application for the application of new energy car consumption subsidies are released

Original title: Shenzhen promotes new energy car consumer consumption subsidy application rules for implementation rules for personal car purchase can receive up to 20,000 yuan subsidy. The method of obtaining the car index is divided into three categories, and 5,000 to 20,000 yuan will be obtained according to different situations.

The implementation rules are implemented from the date of issuance, which is valid until June 30, 2023. The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Industrial and Information Technology Bureau stated that in order to implement the "Several Measures on Promoting the Continuity of Consumption Consumption" ("Shenzhen Consumption 30 Articles"), promote the consumption of the new energy car market in our city, encourage individual consumers to buy Technical advanced, safe and reliable new energy cars, the implementation rules are specially formulated. The subsidy category and standards are as follows: the first category subsidy.

Use a new energy car increment or update the indicator for new vehicles to register for new vehicles. The unified invoice includes the tax price of the motor vehicle sales (hereinafter referred to as the "vehicle price") of 100,000 to 20,000 yuan/vehicle; A subsidy of more than 200,000 yuan is 10,000 yuan/vehicle.

The residents of the Shenzhen -Shanshan Special Cooperation Zone can apply for an incremental indicator of pure electric cars or hybrid cars in accordance with relevant regulations, which are limited to the registration of new energy cars purchased in the Shenzhen Administrative Region (New Area). The subsidy is the same as above. The second category subsidy.

The incremental indicators obtained by the Municipal Transportation Bureau’s special shaking activities are only used to handle new cars registration; if it is used to apply for new energy cars and new cars, it is limited to the purchase price in the Shenzhen Administrative Region (New Area) 10 10,000 or more vehicles. Among them, the price of 10,000 to 200,000 yuan was subsidized by 10,000 yuan/vehicle; the subsidy of more than 200,000 yuan was 20,000 yuan/vehicle.

  The third category subsidy.

The incremental indicators obtained by relaxing the application conditions method are limited to the "Catalog of Recommended Models for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles" (the fifth and before) of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization, and the vehicle power battery pack Plug -in hybrid (including extension) car "with total energy ≥35kWh" new car registration registration. Subsidies to the models equipped with an open source Hongmeng system and its commercial version, the standard is the same as the first type of subsidy. The reporter noticed that the subsidy period is from May 23, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The total amount of various subsidies is limited by the budget amount.

  The application period is from July 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023. Those who have not submitted an application overdue shall be deemed to have abandoned the application for subsidies.

The applicant must purchase a new energy vehicle in the Shenzhen Municipal Administrative Region (New Area) and on the Cantonese B license plate. It is not included in the list of severe dishonesty.

  The vehicles applying for subsidies must meet the following conditions: pure electric cars or plug -in hybrid (including extended) cars incorporated into the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s "Recommended Model Catalog" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; The new car purchased by the unified car dealer (referred to as dealers) is in line with the small, miniature passenger car specified in the type of vehicle specifications of the Ministry of Public Security’s "Road Traffic Management Motor Vehicle" Both the date and the invoice date are within the subsidy period, and the invoice date is after the date of signing the car purchase contract and the date of the car purchase deposit certificate. This subsidy adopts an online declaration method.

Since July 1, 2022, applicants can log in to the "Shenzhen Municipal Industry and Information Bureau website (HTTP: ///) website" Shenzhen Municipal Promoting New Energy Vehicle Consumption Subsidy System ", fill in and upload an effective identity online Certificate, Shenzhen car personal indicator certificate document, unified ticket sales of new vehicles, car purchase deposit certificates (POS small tickets, bank transfer vouchers or WeChat, Alipay transfer vouchers, etc. Without the scope of the subsidy declaration), the car purchase contract, the motor vehicle driving license of the new vehicle, the applicant’s bank savings card (overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents and foreigners need to open an account in Shenzhen) Foreign people who passports must provide information such as notarization translations of passports.

  It is reported that the applicant does not need to pay any fee for the application business of subsidies; within the subsidy period, each applicant can only enjoy one and one new energy vehicle subsidy.

At the same time, the implementation of the rules does not affect the acquisition of other consumer subsidy policies of the provincial, municipal, and districts. (Reporter Wu Dequn) (Responsible editor: Li Yu, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see it.

The 20th anniversary of the establishment of Ecuador China Peaceful Unity Promotion Association

The 20th anniversary of the establishment of Ecuador China Peaceful Unity Promotion Association

Recommended reading, as an important part of the strategy of a strong science and technology country, the development level of high -level technology independence depends on both the level of science and technology progress and the ethics of the integration of science and technology. Judging from the ethical perspective, high -level technology self -reliance will help inspire my country’s scientific and technological development to uphold the concept of goodness, and to realize the purpose of enhancing human well -being of human beings. 2022-06-0209: 24 Gai Zhiyu introduced that since 2002, the research team has worked in the field in the Changxingzhi of Zhejiang, and found one of the most primitive turtle turtle fossils here and named it. Shuyu.

The breathing demand of fish has not decreased, so the first gill sac (tongue pose) behind the eyes was transformed into a water spray hole and became the main organ for inhaling water flow. 2022-06-0209: 13, June 1, 2002, the National Space Weather Monitoring and Early Warning Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Space Weather Center") was established, and the first stroke of the ink is written in the history of my country’s space weather business development. Focusing on improving basic monitoring capabilities, the "Plan" proposes 4 specific tasks, including improving space weather monitoring planning and design capabilities, improving the space weather observation network, improving the quality of the basic data of the space weather, and building a spatial weather data set.

2022-06-0209: 11 General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly pointed out: "The less developed areas, the more the innovation-driven development strategy is needed.

"Every time General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instructions at Guizhou inspections on Guizhou’s scientific and technological innovation work.

2022-06-0209: Around around the development of big data and deep learning, neural networks have attracted much attention with the development of big data and deep learning. The appearance of deep learning has made face recognition technology breakthrough.

2022-06-0209: 26 The predecessor of our hospital-Shanghai Dusong Hospital was born in the beacon of the Anti-Japanese War and is the first children’s specialist hospital in the country.

At the beginning of 2006, I established the first sunshine love website to provide volunteer service for leukemia, and set up a bridge between hospitals and social volunteers. 2022-06-0109: 23 From working in the morning to late at night, the village will be sampled by households, and it will feel worth it anymore … Some time ago, a medical student’s "missing class" story moved a lot of people. As an important part of the rural medical and health service network, rural doctors have continued to grow in their teams in recent years. 2022-06-0109: 23 You Zheng said that world-class universities are the birthplace of innovation and an important base for the cultivation of innovative talents. The first-class science city is the constructive place of innovation ecology.

Breeding innovative ideas, providing discipline support, innovative talents, supporting innovation industries, creating strategic technology forces … In Youzheng’s view, world -class university construction will provide multiple support for the construction of first -class scientific cities. 2022-06-0109: 22 "Our position is now the trenches left by the Battle of Niulingling. More than 70 years later, the Battle of Niulingling Campaign, which had been fiercely fought for three days and three nights, had been replaced with a green" costume ", from Strategic to become a place where selenium-enriching is rich, release a new "selenium" gravity. 2022-06-0109: 22 "Following the track trajectory ‘line to the right, there will be clear personnel classification information, which is reasonable accordingly reasonable. It is reasonable to be reasonable. The distribution of transfer teams can achieve the purpose of fast closed -loop transfer. At the meeting, Zhang Yuntao, the secretary of the county party committee and the commander of the county’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters, explained in detail the "Preliminary Tracks Tracks Model of the Estaters". 2022-06-0109: 21 Children’s drug research and development difficulty and less children’s special medicines have always been a problem facing children’s medication. The newly revised Drug Management Law in 2019 clearly supports the development of new varieties, dosage forms and specifications that meet the physiological characteristics of children’s physiological characteristics, and give priority review and approval for children’s medication.

From 2022-06-0109: From the beginning of 216, the city will enter the third stage, that is, the city’s normal production and living order stage will be fully restored. 2022-05-3110: 41 In 1994, the Chinese Academy of Engineering was established. Zhu Fengfeng was elected as the first batch of academicians and served as the executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Not long ago, on May 19th, Zhu Fengfeng also published signed articles on Guangming Royal Newspapers, and once again conducted an in -depth analysis of the construction and development of the engineers at the new stage of development.

2022-05-3109: 17: General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to science and technology workers, and strategically draws the innovation of great powers, making innovation an inexhaustible motivation for national rejuvenation. Under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, China is striving for a new journey to building a strong country! 2022-05-3109: 16 The 16th Academician Conference of the China Academy of Engineering was held in Beijing on the 30th, and the 14th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Awards ceremony was held at the opening ceremony of the conference. The opening ceremony of this academician conference set up a main venue in Beijing. 27 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Hubei, and Dalian, Qingdao, and Shenzhen 3 planned units of the city have 30 branches.

2022-05-3109: 07 At present, it continues to promote the effective supply of public products in rural ecological environment, and to guide the participation of grassroots mass autonomy organizations in an orderly manner. In addition, inspecting the effective standard for the supply of public products in the rural ecological environment is the coordination of product supply to coordinate with the consumer demand and consumption capacity of the farmers.

2022-05-3109: 04 The R & D team of Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute R & D team of Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute is doing experiments. Innovation is difficult, but we Chinese must have strong confidence. Even if we consume five or 60 years, we must speed up the speed, fight for innovation, and complete this task.

2022-05-3109: 10 According to the China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, the Long March 5 Yao San Carrier Rockets of the Temple Experimental Curbage Launch Mission has completed all the development of the factory before the factory. The launch field. 2022-05-3010: On May 28th, a strong precipitation appeared in the Book of the Miao Autonomous Prefecture of the Qianwan of Guizhou Province. The county’s 24-hour precipitation in the county’s Mijing Village, the county, the county, and the rain was rapid.

"According to the trend of disaster weather forecasting and adverse effects, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued heavy fog yellow warning, high -temperature yellow warning, heavy rain blue warning, strong blue warning of the weather, orange mountain flood disaster meteorological early warning, and geological disaster weather risk warning.

2022-05-3009: On May 29th, Shenzhou No. 14 manned spacecraft and Long March 2 F Yao XIV Rocket Combination is ready to transfer to the launch area. Our newspaper, Beijing, May 29th (Reporter Zhang Wen) According to the China Manned Aerospace Engineering Office, on May 29, Beijing time, Shenzhou 14 manned spacecraft and Long March 2 Far -carry rocket combination has been transferred To the launch area.

At present, the facilities and equipment of the launch site are in good condition. In the future, various functional inspections and joint testing before the launch will be carried out according to the plan.

2022-05-3009: 55.

Let the rose compete Fanghua

Let the rose compete Fanghua

Original title: Let the rose compete in Fanghua (People’s Forum, two sessions, new journey and new weather) Wang Yaping, the National People’s Congress representative of the National People’s Congress, who walked the first step of the Chinese women’s cabin, focused on exploring the science of the universe and space science; At the opening meeting of the Fifth Session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Member Gao Xiaodi used the sign language to "sing" the national anthem. Female representatives and female members fulfill their duties and actively contribute.

On the afternoon of March 6, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the agricultural, social welfare and social security community who participated in the Fifth Session of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and participated in the joint group meeting to hear the opinions and suggestions.

On the occasion of the "March 8th" International Labor Women’s Day, General Secretary Xi Jinping on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the female representatives, female members, and female staff members participating in the two sessions across the country, to women from all walks of life across the country, to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macau Specials to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macau Specialty Female compatriots and overseas Chinese in the administrative division and Taiwan have festival congratulations and good blessings. At the Beijing Winter Olympics, which was closed not long ago, Chinese female athletes continued to create records, break through themselves, and let the world witness the energy of Chinese women: Xu Mengtao won the free -style ski women’s air skills champion, 16 years of persistence is admirable; third Fan Kexin, who participated in the Winter Olympics this Winter Olympics, kissed the ice after the short track speed skating women’s 3000m relay final, and moved countless netizens … The Beijing Winter Olympics is the highest proportion of female athletes in history. The most project of the project.

The spirit of Chinese female athletes stubbornly struggling to inspire more women to brave their dreams.

Throughout human history, women are the creators of material civilization and spiritual civilization, and are important forces to promote social development and progress. Looking at the land of Shenzhou, the dream chaser of the new era rushed to write history and created wonderful. They show their skills in the vast world of rural rejuvenation, strive for the main battlefield of economic development, climb the peak in the main positions of scientific and technological innovation, and work hard at the small harbor built in the family.

Many universal dreams have become a reality because of the dedication of female compatriots; many joyful glory is even more glorious because of the blooming of female charm. With their pride and struggle, they played an important role in "half of the sky", showing the spirit of self -esteem, self -confidence, self -reliance, and self -improvement in the new era in the dream chasing and dreams, and blooming into a glorious glory.

From the establishment of a comprehensive guarantee of women’s rights and interests, including more than 100 laws and regulations, to the 10 countries listed as one of the 10 countries that have been listed as a high -performance and high performance of women and children; from basic elimination of the gender gap between compulsory education, to women of employees in the whole society There are more than 40 % of the proportion, and more than half of the women among entrepreneurs in the Internet … In today’s China, women not only have a more equal social environment, but also have a broader development space. Hu Hailan, a professor at the School of Medicine of Zhejiang University, won the World Outstanding Female Scientist Award and carried the banner of my country’s system of neuroscience. The Chinese women’s football team once again won the top of Asia after 16 years, and wrote a high -end chapter.

The vast majority of women have devoted theirself to a new journey and building a new era with their own intelligence, tenacity and courage, and have achieved a brilliant life. Eliminate gender discrimination in the field of enrollment and employment, ensure the land and related rights and interests of rural women, respect the right to work and fertility, and strengthen the protection of personal safety and personality rights for women … Not long ago, the publicity of the women’s rights and interests of the women’s rights and interests solicited The legal will of women’s legitimate rights and interests.

During the National Two Sessions of this year, some representatives and members focused on the protection of women’s rights and interests to promote the sustainable and healthy development of women’s causes. In accordance with the law, the violations of the violations of women’s rights and interests, and continuously promote social fairness and justice, can ensure that women’s equality exercise rights in accordance with the law, participate in economic and social development, and share the development results.竞 Rose, competing for exhibition, the country is full of motivation, and social development is more vibrant. Every ordinary woman’s life and dreams come true, and they will eventually gather into the great rivers and rivers that have advanced to the times, and to promote social progress to promote social progress. "People’s Daily" (March 08, 2022) (02nd edition) (Responsible editor: Zou Xing, Wei Xin) sharing more people to see the client download.

The second "Silk Road Friendship Messenger" ceremony awards event was held

The second "Silk Road Friendship Messenger" ceremony awards event was held

  Our newspaper, Beijing, May 31st (and Pei Juan, Wu Jianying) In order to thoroughly implement Chairman Jinping, "to create a good atmosphere of public opinion, in -depth interpretation of the concepts, principles, and methods of joint construction of the" Belt and Road " The spirit of the important instructions of the "Belt and Road" story "On May 31, the second" Silk Road Friendship Messenger "ceremony jointly sponsored by the China International Cultural Exchange Center and the People’s Daily" Global Person "magazine. Hold up.

The theme of the event is "Telling the Story of the Belt and Road" builder ", and there are winners of the" Silk Road Friendship Messenger "and representatives of the unit, representatives of the director of the China International Cultural Exchange Center, friendly people who follow the" Belt and Road "construction at home and abroad, etc. More than 500 people participated. Yang Chuantang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the China International Cultural Exchange Center, said in his speech that in 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed to jointly build the "Belt and Road" initiative.

In the past nine years, we have promoted the high -quality development of the “Belt and Road” and achieved realistic and heavy achievements. Today, we grandly holding the "Silk Road Friendship Messenger" ceremony awards campaign is to tell the story of the selfless love of the "Belt and Road" builders, conveying the beautiful hearts of the Silk Road, building a dream of the Silk Road to develop, and working together to share humans together The only homeland is developed and built, and we have made our contribution to the realization of the good vision of building a community of human destiny.

  In his speech, the editor -in -chief of the People’s Daily said that promoting the high -quality development of the “Belt and Road” to continuously achieve new results, and it is inseparable from the hard work and wisdom, excellence and practice of the people along the “Belt and Road” countries and regions.

The selection and commendation of the "Silk Road Friendship Messenger" is to praise them to the contribution of promoting Chinese culture to go global, strengthen the friendly exchanges of people from all countries, and promote the construction of a community of human destiny. It is hoped that more "Silk Road Friendship Messenger" condenses the co -consensus of the Silk Road, contributes to the Silk Road cooperation, and create a beautiful future of Silk Road. This event selected 12 individuals and 1 collective among more than 100 candidates around the world, and awarded the "Silk Road Friendship Messenger" personal award and collective award honorary title.

The winners are from more than 10 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania, covering various fields such as politics, economy, medical, infrastructure, sports, and art. They shared the touching stories of the participation of the "Belt and Road" in their respective positions, which fully reflected the "Belt and Road" road, road of prosperity, open road, road of innovation, and civilization.

  Fang Jiangshan, deputy editor -in -chief of the People’s Daily, Zhang Boli, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and He Jianzhong, Li Baodong, Xu Lirong, and Li Jianhong, deputy chairman of the China International Cultural Exchange Center, attended the awards campaign. (Relevant reports See the eighth edition) (Responsible editors: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Share more people to see recommendation reading.

[Nieuw op de praktijk] Verbeter de effectiviteit van governance, meer "Besturende grote landen zoals kokende" houding

[Nieuw op de praktijk] Verbeter de effectiviteit van governance, meer "Besturende grote landen zoals kokende" houding

Wacht even in de enquête. Als er nog geen reactie is, vernieuw dan deze pagina, vernieuw deze pagina. De pers van de redactie: om verder te leren het socialistische denken van China’s karakteristieke socialistische denken, condenseren aan de tweedehonderd jaar strijd om de sterke kracht, centrale netwerktrunkers en Guangming Daily Organiseer de ‘nieuwe China-antwoorden van de praktijk, modernisering’ online theoretische communicatiekolommen en start een reeks theoretische opmerkingenartikelen en nieuwe mediaproducten in Guangming.com, wat de waardevolle ervaring van de Chinese Communistische Partij samenvat om de modernisering van de Chinese stijl te leiden, Volledig benadrukken van nieuwe Chinese modernisering de kenmerken en voordelen van de weg, lezen en praten over de nieuwe vorm van menselijke beschaving gecre?erd door het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken. Auteur: Qinchuan "Economic aan het land, is een systeem." Nationaal systeem van mijn land en nationale bestuurlijke systeem hebben veel belangrijke voordelen.

Hoe het systeem voordeel te maken in de nationale effectiviteit bestuur? Dit noopt ons tot het stevig "China’s behandeling" vertrouwen, de bouw systeem is voltooid, voert u een geldig governance-systeem, en vond een optimaal plan. (Manga /) Daartoe moet je vijflaagse relatie verwerken. De verhouding tussen de eerste richting en werkwijzen. Er is een gezegde, de richting gaat, hoe meer je gaat, hoe verder weg van de plaats van bestemming. Hetzelfde geldt voor de bouw beheerssysteem. Als de richting verkeerd is, zal de werkwijze ook contraproductief. Het bouwsysteem is voltooid, de sleutel tot een geldige governance-systeem te draaien, de sleutel is om de richting, dat wil zeggen zich te houden aan het marxisme-leninisme, Mao Zedong Gedachte, Deng Xiaoping Theorie, "Drie Representaties" belangrijke denken, wetenschappelijke ontwikkeling concept vinden , Xi Jinping nieuw tijdperk Chinese karakteristieke socialistisch denken Guide, zich te houden aan de mensen die ‘s gecentraliseerd denken. In de vorige vermelding, "stand in de zijkant van de meeste Labor People." Ten tweede, de relatie tussen de "grote letter" en "pen schilderen".

Als "grote letter" is gericht op de lay-out van de artikelen, dan "de pen schilderij" is gericht op fijn teelt. Het transformeren van de institutionele voordelen in het bestuur prestaties, "grote letter" en "pen schilderij" hebt voltooid, en het is niet mogelijk.

Als het hoog is, kan de lege emuleert, en een goede institutionele vormgeving ook stationair draaien. Aangepaste de lade is een aspect, en de weg is een aspect. Het is een aspect. Immracted belangrijke aspecten.

  Ten derde, de relatie tussen de harde slagen en hoge trucs. De harde truc is niet per se een truc, en de truc is niet per se hard.

Sommige plaatsen zijn in het bevorderen van stedelijk bestuur, overschreven in de liefde, hard trucs, om een bestemming te bereiken, dit soort truc is harder, hoe groter de kans, is het makkelijker om tegenstellingen te intensiveren. Op dit moment is het bewustzijn van de rechten van de burgers, het bewustzijn van de rechtsstaat neemt toe, en het gebruik van het internet wordt steeds meer geschoold. Als je overgeeft aan achteruit denken, zul je alleen leiden tot de ontevredenheid van de massa’s. Meer dan sommige van de vier 2-2 jacks, laat de mensen krijgen de betaalbare trucs om meer voor de hand doelmatigheid van het beheer te bereiken. Ten vierde, hardware en software relatie.

Bediening van de stad, met betrekking tot de ene partij, is het nodig te hebben om te zien, en het is noodzakelijk om een dissevanting plaats om de resultaten te zien, maar ook om het potentieel te zien. Sommige ambtenaren zijn over de grote sloop gepassioneerd, maar het probleem van de mensen levensonderhoud te negeren, en het is onvermijdelijk om te werven.

Het management vermogen is niet hoog, kijk niet naar licht en heerlijk van de stad, maar ook om de mensen te zien in de harten van de mensen. Er is een gezicht, moet er neef zijn, en er is belangrijker dan het gezicht.

Met andere woorden, het verbeteren van het beheer van vermogen, moet je hardware verbetering te zien, maar ook om software verbetering te zien.

De zogenaamde software komt tot uiting in de verbetering van de openbare diensten, het opbouwen van een rechtsstaat, met respect voor burgerrechten en Hins stedelijke beschaving. Nog niet zo lang geleden, de Raad van State gereageerd op de nieuwe coronaire virus longontsteking epidemische situatie in Shanghai hield een nationale nieuwe coronaire longontsteking-epidemie preventie en bestrijding van ervaring.

De vergadering benadrukte dat het leren om te leren van Shanghai en andere ervaringen in de waarheid van de feiten, in combinatie met de feitelijke situatie, en aanvulling van de epidemie preventie en bestrijding en de voorbereiding van de epidemie preventie en controle. De achtergrond is, Shanghai "Ceramic store gevangen in de muis" anti-ziekte heeft veel energiebesparende praktijken, van actieve ontdekking van besmette mensen, wetenschappelijk streaming, lock isolatie voorwerpen, het bepalen van controle bereik, enz., Echt nauwkeurig preventie, "Work hard, minimumniveau, tegen minimale kosten voor maximale preventie en bestrijding van resultaten te bereiken". Dit prachtige bestuur vermogen is uiteraard niet één, maar "neerslag" op de lange termijn het bestuur proces.

  Ten vijfde, een ineffectieve relatie.

De Ouden, "met betrekking tot groot land, zoals het koken." De Ouden zijn van mening dat de overheid niet kan worden voldaan om te veranderen, en het is niet genoeg om te kunnen slap. Hetzelfde geldt voor het bestuur, indien het niet mogelijk is, "er is" kan alleen maar contraproductief zijn. Dus, alleen om het vuur te vinden, neem de duim, kan het maximale effect te bereiken. Anders kan de massa’s hun gevoel niet verbeteren in "governance".

  Het vermelden waard is dat het land een rijke ervaring in het stedelijk bestuur heeft opgelopen. Hangzhou, Zhejiang, "brein" van de stad, laat de stad meer slim, Jiangsu en andere plaatsen om een totale factor gridization cre?ren, exploreren sociaal bestuur nieuw patroon, Beijing, Jiangxi en andere lokale rechtbanken te implementeren lijn mediation, bevorderen tegenspraak geschil diversiteit. .. Various, verschillend, gemeenschappelijk punt is om het bestuur actief te verkennen in alle delen, beter verbeteren van het niveau van het bestuur, deze wijsheid is de moeite waard te leren, bevorderd.

  Secretaris-generaal Xi Jinping benadrukte dat "de leiders van de nationale omstandigheden moeten begrijpen, begrijpen de mensen denken, om te blijven werken vermogen verbeteren, moeten ‘om zo’n dun ijs, zoals Lin Shenby", "Voor de regeringen van alle plaatsen, en altijd houden van harte het fundamentele doel van de diensten van het volk, voor de bezorgdheid van de partij, voor de verantwoordelijkheid van het volk, toewijding aan de mensen voortdurend het bevorderen van het systeem voor het beheer en het bestuur vermogen, lost het probleem van de "hard-to-hoop" problemen met uw hart, om beter de massa’s meer, meer directe, meer realistische, gelukkig, veilig te maken.

(Qinchuan) Related Reading :.

Watch "Chao Tong Tianxia" online

Watch "Chao Tong Tianxia" online

Beijing Satellite TV 2017 New Year’s Eve Concert-Variety Show-HD Genuine Video Watch-iQiyi Your Browser Version is too low, it is recommended that you choose Chrome or IE7 or above.× Variety Show Navigation More Channel Contents Here I know how to entertain sports information movie TV drama Flower variety show online movie talk show children’s mother and baby education Healthy music funny fashion original tourism and financial knowledge technology public welfare car documentary hot spotThe whole network of film and television applied store mall big head literature game video VIP member iQiyi comic game center VR bubbles increase 3 times smoothness!Download 0 updates now, play record login, register to open VIP renewal VIP renewal VIPVIP membership renewal VIP renewal VIP upload and release work management.

"Beijing PU Hui Health Insurance" Open Enterprise Online Verzekerd Kanaal

"Beijing PU Hui Health Insurance" Open Enterprise Online Verzekerd Kanaal

People’s Daily November 11 November (Reporter Bao Cong) Verslaggever leerde van het projectteam op de ochtend van 11 november, "Beijing PU Hui Health Bao" Wechat Public Number staat op het Corporate Verzekerde Kanaal en zal blijven openen tot 31 december WERKEN zijn nog niet verzekerd, hebben kansen om te genieten van deze aanvullende garantie.

Als een strikte overeenstemming met de toezichtvereisten wordt het enige stedelijke aangepaste commerci?le medische verzekeringsproject van Beijing ge?mplementeerd, "Beijing PU Hui Health Insurance" is nauw verbonden met medische verzekering, slechts 195 yuan in één jaar, u kunt de medische verzekeringscatalogus tot stand brengen 3 miljoen yuan binnen en buiten. Medische beveiliging, dekking medische verzekeringscatalogus, ziekenhuisopname + poliklinische persoonlijke zelfbetaling, medische verzekeringscatalogus, gehospitaliseerde persoonlijke zelf gefinancierde kosten en 100 soorten hoge speciale drugskosten in binnen- en buitenland. Eerder is "Beijing PU Wei Gezondheidsgarantie" voornamelijk voor persoonlijke verzekering, en het aantal verzekerde mensen op de lijn overschreden 500.000. Vanaf 30 september 2021 zijn er 10.000 mensen geweest. In vergelijking met andere commerci?le ziektekostenverzekering, "Beijing PU Hui Health Bao" echt "PU Hui", is niet alleen de prijs goedkoop, de verzekerde drempel is ook laag, de basis medische verzekeringen in Beijing kan worden verzekerd, wat ook geschikt is voor ondernemingen. De werkelijke situatie van de intern werknemers, leeftijd, fysieke conditie, enz., Handige en verenigde participatie.

Verzekerde: Hoe kom ik de "Beijing PU Hui Health" openbaar nummer twee-stappen voltooiing ondernemingen verzekerde ondernemingen in om deel te nemen aan werknemers? De eerste stap: na het invoeren van het "Beijing PU Wei Health Bao" Wechat Public Number, klikt u op de Bottom Menubalk [SERVICE CENTRUM → Enterprise Report] om de relevante referentiepagina in te voeren en klikt u vervolgens op "Ik weet het bij het invullen van de informatie".

Stap 2: Selecteer Groepstype, vul de groepsnaam in, contactpersoon, contactnummer, inzicht, contact mailbox, enz., Klik op "Bevestigen verzenden". Het personeel neemt contact op met de relevante persoon die de leiding heeft op 2-3 werkdagen om te communiceren. Twijfel: Medewerkers hebben een medische verzekering toegevoegd die nog steeds "Beijing PU Wei Health Garantie" nodig hebben? De verslaggever leerde dat sommige bedrijven hun medewerkers hebben verzekerd om medische verzekering aan te vullen. In dit geval is het noodzakelijk om "Beijing PU Hui Health Garantie" te verzekeren? In feite zijn deze twee garanties niet in conflict en kunnen tegelijkertijd worden geconfigureerd.

Ten eerste hebben ondernemingen aanvullende medische verzekering voor werknemers. De algemene poliklinische garantie is slechts 10.000 yuan tot 20.000 yuan, en de intramurale garantie is slechts ongeveer 50.000 yuan, en alleen de "zelfbetalende" kosten van klinieken en hospitalisaties. Meeste van de "Self-Paying Two" en "Self-gefinancierde" gedeeltelijke vergoedingen zijn contrasterend dat de "Beijing PU Wei Health Protection" garandeert tot 3 miljoen yuan, en de "zelfbetalende twee" en "zelf gefinancierd" gedeelte bedekt.

Tegelijkertijd is het ook voorzien van zeer weinig "speciale drugsbescherming" die is opgetreden in de aanvullende medische verzekering en 5 beoordelingen van toegang tot het ziekenhuis, die meer uitgebreide beveiliging kan bieden voor werknemers.

Het is de moeite waard om te vermelden dat nadat het apparaat de kosten van medische verzekeringsvergoeding aanvulling, in het geval van conformiteit van de betaling, de vrijstelling "Beijing PU Wei Health Insurance" kan worden gebruikt.

Met andere woorden, de claims van de twee garanties zijn geen conflict.

Zhejiang Huzhou: Promote the development of rural modernization to help common prosperity

Zhejiang Huzhou: Promote the development of rural modernization to help common prosperity

  On April 27, overlooking the Dragon Water World Exposure Park (drone) in the dragon water world expedition of Honglishan Village in Daodian Township (Photo).

The park is about to officially open the park and is a local rural tourism project.

  In recent years, Daodian Township, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province has actively promoted the integration of village -level collective economies, and used modern management concepts to promote the modern development of rural areas. Daojia Township has established a standardized operation system for the village village through standardized asset management, village design, market expansion and other links, relying on forest river ponds, pastoral landscapes, and traditional cultural resources to develop characteristic tourism routes, build high -standard rural tourism and leisure farms, plan special rural texts Travel activities promote rural rejuvenation and common prosperity.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu took a picture on April 27th, tourists took pictures in Jiuli Red Farm in Taoist Township. In recent years, Daodian Township, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province has actively promoted the integration of village -level collective economies, and used modern management concepts to promote the modern development of rural areas. Daojia Township has established a standardized operation system for the village village through standardized asset management, village design, market expansion and other links, relying on forest river ponds, pastoral landscapes, and traditional cultural resources to develop characteristic tourism routes, build high -standard rural tourism and leisure farms, plan special rural texts Travel activities promote rural rejuvenation and common prosperity.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu, a photo of the dragon in the Forest Water World Exploration Park, which was officially opened on April 27, the dragon in Honglishan Village, Daodian Township, which is officially opened, is a local characteristic rural tourism project. In recent years, Daodian Township, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province has actively promoted the integration of village -level collective economies, and used modern management concepts to promote the modern development of rural areas. Daojia Township has established a standardized operation system for the village village through standardized asset management, village design, market expansion and other links, relying on forest river ponds, pastoral landscapes, and traditional cultural resources to develop characteristic tourism routes, build high -standard rural tourism and leisure farms, plan special rural texts Travel activities promote rural rejuvenation and common prosperity. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu April 27th, overlooking the Dragon Water World Exploration Park (drone) in the dragon water world expedition of Honglishan Village in Dajie Township (drone) in the air. The park is about to officially open the park and is a local rural tourism project.

  In recent years, Daodian Township, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province has actively promoted the integration of village -level collective economies, and used modern management concepts to promote the modern development of rural areas.

Daojia Township has established a standardized operation system for the village village through standardized asset management, village design, market expansion and other links, relying on forest river ponds, pastoral landscapes, and traditional cultural resources to develop characteristic tourism routes, build high -standard rural tourism and leisure farms, plan special rural texts Travel activities promote rural rejuvenation and common prosperity. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yu.