The boat of the helm is caregued in maternal and child safety – the city’s innovation launched "234" maternal and child safety work mechanism

The boat of the helm is caregued in maternal and child safety – the city’s innovation launched "234" maternal and child safety work mechanism

  Our reporter Yu Jiao Jiao October 29th, 38-year-old Wu Linlin (pseudonym) has welcomed the third baby through cesarean section in Dongchangfu District Maternal and Child Health Hospital. She is a red high-risk pregnant woman specially cared for Dongchang Maternal and Child. She can safely be inseparable from the 234 maternal and child safety work mechanism that is pursued from the city.

  Wu Linlin has worked for surgery due to congenital heart disease.

In March this year, she went to Dongchang Women’s Inspection, according to the five-color grade management method of maternal, two cesarean section of cesarean section as orange warning signal, moderate pulmonary hypertension as red warning signal, she was included in red high-risk management system, information Renew to the City Guardian Committee.

On October 25, on October 27, because Wu Linlin was absent in the production inspection, the physician urged him to inspect it twice.

On October 29, Wu Linlin took a doctor. Due to the risk of continuing pregnancy, cesarean section was implemented.

Wu Linlin is healthy, and four days after surgery.

  With the release of the three-child policy, the proportion of high-risk maternal women like Wu Linlin continued to increase.

In order to ensure the safety of maternal and child, the Liaocheng Health and Health Committees have implemented the establishment of two committees, do three links, and enhance the four major functions as the core of 234 maternal and child safety work mechanism. Specifically, it is the establishment of the Municipal Health and Health Committee of the Municipal Health Participation, the Deputy Director of the Municipal Health, and the high-risk pregnancies of the Liaocheng City, which are members of the multidiscologist, and strengthen the high-risk maternity, maternal and child medical staff. The management of the three sections of the production institution, paying close attention to the post training, conducting regular business training and dangerous maternal emergency exercises for the city’s maternal and child medical staff; implementing the four municipal critical maternal treatment centers for 3 months for one cycle System, enhance its comprehensive scheduling, referral treatment, standardized service, and four aspects of round value effectiveness.

  234 After the implementation mechanism of maternal and child safety, the city’s 4304 high-risk pregnant women rated as orange and above were registered, and the pregnancy care guidance was conducted by people. More than 8900 people were followed up, and the pregnant women who were rating were red, the special people’s house visits, the whole process, and successfully lifted red high risk factors and successfully rescued 20 cases of critical illness maternal women.

  On July 19th, maternal Li Fei (pseudonym) When childbirth in the Second People’s Hospital of Liaocheng, the 234 maternal and child safety work mechanism helped him to go to peace. At that time, the hospital launched the pregnant maternal treatment mechanism, and the medical staff sent her to the operating room while the medical staff was pressed. After 18 minutes, Li Yifei hopped; after 7 minutes, through emergencies, Li Feiyi had a baby, rescued newborns.

Municipal Second Hospital organized multidisciplinary consultation, diagnosed her for amniotic fluid embolism and thromboembolism, transferred into the sexual medicine. After receiving the report, the Municipal Health Department, launched the critical maternal joint treatment mechanism, and the director of the Municipal People’s Hospital sent the city’s critical maternal treatment expert committee. Wang Xiaobing, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology, rushed to the scene, and the Municipal Health Bureau of Maternal and Children invited Shandong University Qilu. The hospital expert is rescued, and the Beijing Union Hospital expert distance consultation. After proper treatment, July 20th, Li Yifei woke up, on July 25, the tracheal intubation; On August 3, the mother and the child were discharged. On the basis of the 234 maternal and child safety work mechanism, the current Municipal Health and Health Committee starts to increase the maternal and child safety action to promote the 5 years, and the city’s maternal and child safety guarantee system is more perfect, collaborative treatment is more efficient.

[Responsible Editor: Hou Mingming].

Shijingshan Winter Olympics officially opened

Shijingshan Winter Olympics officially opened

  Service Guaranteed 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics 16 transportation stations, Shijingshan Winter Olympics station has been completed, and it is officially operated. The field station occupies the hectare, causing different types of vehicles, assumes important functions such as vehicles, vehicles, and epidemic prevention killing. As a key ring in the Winter Olympics Traffic Service, during the Competition, a total of 16 transportation scenes in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, including 6 in Beijing, 2, Yanqing Division, 8 Zhangjiakou District. Shijingshan Winter Olympics station is located on the northwest side of the subway Baobao Shanli, and the Municipal Transportation Committee Project Center is handled in April this year to complete the temporary land, and the provisional construction project planning license. The venue was transferred on May 8, and the construction personnel were set, and the construction personnel were officially entered.

During the construction process, the original facilities such as fence and football field in the venue were removed, and the project construction and equipment installation of oil surface paving, temporary housing construction, station lighting, security monitoring, external power supply, etc., the current project has all Finish.

  More than 200 new Beijing Winter Olympics event vehicles have neatly parked in the station.

The person in charge of the station is introduced that the station plan is planned to design a small vehicle parking space, 96 parking spaces, and 236 vehicles have been stopped, and 329 toll-free vehicles have been expected to receive the toll card. 93 vehicles, mainly used to ensure the commuter between the Winter Olympics, and all the regions.

(Reporter / Sun Yunke Wu Wei / Photographed) (Original title: Shijingshan Winter Olympics Station officially enabled).

Taiyuan City Cultural Relics Bureau advance into the provincial cooperation

Taiyuan City Cultural Relics Bureau advance into the provincial cooperation

"If you pass in the north, whoever doesn’t recall the home." In the city’s cultural relics system cadres and implement the province, the twelfth party congress of the city, the cultural relics protection and use of specialized capacity improvement training courses, the cadres of many cultural relics systems The employee remembered the poet of the Tang Dynasty in the "Send Zhang Dynasty" in the poem. The class is also a provincial cooperation promotion. A number of well-known professors at home and abroad shared the research results in their respective research.

The professor of the Historical Geography Research Center, Fudan University, in the "Important Cognition and Thinking" of the Environmental Change Issues in the Central Historical Period, Talking about the "Development and Environment" in the middle of the Shanxi, Tang poetry, " Seeing "Zhangzhou": "Leaning is the state of the state, the young people," Lu Yi, the hometown, also returned to the state … "Building a total of win-win and expanding the cultural influence provincial school cooperation is a kind of win-win choice, for the cultural relic Protection and college research will play a positive role.

The red cultural resources in our city are abundant. At present, there are 27 non-mobile revolutionary cultural relics. The first provincial-level red cultural sites, more than 50 municipal, county-level red cultural sites are declare.

All major universities in the country are concentrated in talents, with highlighting talent advantages, research advantages, and technology advantages. Since the development of the provincial cooperation work, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have fully promoted the construction of "12 Bases", the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau led the construction of red education and national education base.

During the docking negotiation of Shanghai’s five colleges and universities, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau fully exerted the advantages of special cultural resources in our city, with a long history and culture of Shanxi and Taiyuan, and promoted the rich cultural relics resources and red cultural resources of Taiyuan rich revolutionary cultural relics and red cultural resources. Actively promote the construction of red education and national education base. The provincial cooperation has been fully advanced, and the city has identified 12 college partnership needs projects, involving 5 universities.

Among them, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau is responsible for implementing three colleges of colleges and universities. Building a red education and national education base project with Shanghai Jiaotong University, including the development of red cultural research, social practice, exhibition exchange, etc., held red education and national education base listing ceremony in the Memorial Hall of Shanxi National Normal Site Revolution; cooperation Ancient Jian Protection Research Project.

The Municipal Cultural Relics Administration exchanges two-way exchanges, resource sharing in terms of disease survey and prevention of architecture and color plastic murals.

Cooperation with Fudan University, the historical and cultural research project is mainly working with the school security professor research team, studying the historical geography of Shanxi and the history of the Northern Dynasties, the history of northern ethnic history, and explore historical cultural relics and value in Shanxi, promotion. Historical and cultural in Shanxi. Up to now, the city has formed "a three-dimensional two-side heavy" to build red education and national education base. One, instant machine relying on the college student internship training opportunity; three-in-one, referring to the content, conduct exhibition Chen exchange, thinking of research, volunteer service; two side weight, that is, heavy refined courses and interactive immersive experience. Let college teachers and students have a deep revolutionary culture, red culture, excellent Chinese traditional culture, and enlargement of Taiyuan. Jiji Ji Minji Injection Development New Vitality Provincial School Cooperation, Ji Cai Zhi. Since June this year, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau has carried out 20 cooperation projects with 6 provincial universities, Shanxi University, etc. of Peking University, covering the protection of cultural relics, archaeological research, planning plan design, red culture Research and other business areas, the results are obvious, fruitful. In terms of cultural relics and civilian protection research projects, July 29, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau invited Cao Yongkang, director of the International Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University Design Institute, in the Jin Heping Museum, "The Academic Exchange of" Provincial Cooperation ‘Cultural Relics Protection ", The two sides discussed in-depth discussion on the cultural relics of the Temple of the Jinci, fish castle beams, halls and other cultural relics, and laid a solid foundation for in-depth cooperation research.

In terms of red education and national education, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau actively takes measures to attract and receive university teachers and students and carry out red education and national education.

Since the establishment of the provincial school cooperation, we have coordinated 10 batches of 8 colleges and universities in Peking University and Tsinghua University, and 209 teachers and students.

On September 24th, the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau and the Shanghai Jiaotong University Marxist have held the "Signing Ceremony of Building a Red Education and National Education Base" in the Municipal Museum, which is awarded the Memorial Hall for Shanxi National Normal Site Revolutionary Activities.

At the same time, the "100-year salary of China – Celebration of China – Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China" jointly organized the "100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China". "

"Provincial school cooperation is cultural relics protection, research provides resource support, talent support, cultural relics from cooperation, open ideas, open up the vision, and enhance cultural confidence." Liu Yuli, Party Secretary of the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau, said The whole city’s cultural relics system carefully studied the spirit of the 19th National Party Congress and the province, the twelfth party conference of the party, further maintaining the heat of Shanghai Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities, leaving special cultural and red cultural resources, and promoting provincial schools Cooperation in the cultural relics system, strengthen the depth of cooperation, broaden cooperation, and achieve resource sharing, cooperation and win-win, and empower the high quality development of cultural relics in our city.

(Reporter Zhuang Fengfei Correspondent Li Xingyue) (Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shenyang: Fully create a national food safety demonstration city – Liaoning Channel – People’s Network

Shenyang: Fully create a national food safety demonstration city – Liaoning Channel – People’s Network

Shenyang’s innovative food safety liability insurance insurance is the first to establish "Government promotion, market operation, financial subsidies, enterprises voluntary", introduced social capital investment, help enterprises to implement subject responsibility, play his law, currently Strade performance. Up to now, the normal business catering unit, school, and child care unit, and the central collective distribution unit have 100%, and strive to achieve 100% insurance rate in the city’s chain super-realization rate, meat egg milk and liquor height. Risk food production enterprises have gradually realized full coverage of insurance liability insurance. Shenyang market supervision department uses technology means such as Internet, big data, and promotes food safety intelligence supervision.

Incorporate the cafeter into the grid, customers can sweep the QR code to understand regulatory information; promote the low-rise of online dining kitchen, consumers can see food processing and production through the order platform; stick food on the meal packaging bag; The habit is saved for the quality of delivery process.

[China’s dingen] British Scholar: Geschiedenis Bewijs, de CCP heeft voldoende capaciteit om elke uitdaging te overwinnen

[China’s dingen] British Scholar: Geschiedenis Bewijs, de CCP heeft voldoende capaciteit om elke uitdaging te overwinnen

Aanbevolen lezen van Huawei versmalt verder de afmetingen van de spleetengine, geladen in een kleinere diverse sensor, waarbij een gediversifieerd slijtapparaat wordt bereikt en voert deze mogelijkheden toezicht op alle diensten te openen. 2021-11-1721: 29 Deze studie zal naar verwachting een potenti?le biomateriaal voor op botdefecte reparatie bieden en nieuwe invoerpunten bieden voor de daaropvolgende op- en botdefici?ntietherapie.

2021-11-1710: 55 Langzame weerstand is een complexe ziekte, getroffen door genetische factoren en omgevingsfactoren, waar roken de grootste omgevingsfactor is, en mensen die gemakkelijker worden weerstaan.

2021-11-1710: 52 De kosmische lijn is een hoog-energie geladen deeltje geproduceerd in een extreem analoge omgeving. Het onderzoeksteam bleek ook dat de kosmische energiedichtheid van de kosmische draad in het centrale moleculaire cloud gebied in de buurt van Yinxin lager is dan de energiedichtheid van de kosmische "zee" buiten de moleculaire wolk. 2021-11-1710: 49 Onlangs hebben Amerikaanse wetenschappers 77 tropische vogels bestudeerd in de afgelopen 40 jaar gegevens in de Braziliaanse Maiden Tropics, vonden dat om zich aan te passen aan de klimaatverandering, hun gewicht afneemt, en sommige soorten zijn elke soort afnemen 10 jaar. Bijna 2% van het lichaamsgewicht, 1/3 van de soort groeide een langere vleugels.

2021-11-1710: 48IBM zei, ik hoop volgend jaar een 400 quantum-bit-processor te introduceren en een processor te starten genaamd "Condor" in het laatste jaar, doorbreekt door 1000 Quantum-ratio. 521-11-1710: 47 Harbin Institute of Technology, het moderne microscopische instrumentstudie, de studie, heeft doorbraak gemaakt op het gebied van optische superresolutie microscopische beeldvormingstechnologie.

Op 16 november werden de onderzoeksresultaten gepubliceerd in de vorm van "Nature – Biotechnology" in het internationale gezaghebbende magazine in Changwen. Op basis hiervan past het projectteam ook nieuwe kroonvirus nucle?nezuurdetectiekwaliteitscontrolesystemen toe in de geaccepteerde beoordeling en kwaliteitscontrole van nieuwe kroonvirus nucle?nezuurdetectie laboratoria, en verbetert sterk het detectieniveau van Ningxia New Crown Virus Nucleic zure detectie. 2021-11-1709: 48 Pols, het dragen van een slimme horloge, de neus wordt opgehangen in een slimme bril, opgehangen draadloze hoofdtelefoons in het oor … In de afgelopen jaren hebben Smart Wear Industries snel ontwikkeld, slimme horloges, een koptelefoon, enz. draagbare apparatuur, meer en meer de gunst van mensen. Experts zeiden dat met de verdere ontwikkeling van 5G, AI, Cloud Computing, de Smart Wear Equipment Market in meer ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden zal doen.

2021-11-1709: 462021 Ruimtechnologie Vredebenutting (Gezondheid) International Seminar Press Conference werd gehouden in Beijing op de 16e, en verslaggevers leerden van de conferentie die de 4e ruimtetechnologie en vredig gebruik (gezondheid) internationaal seminar 11 de maand zal zijn werd op 18e in Beijing gehouden. 2021-11-1709: 44 De zogenaamde "kernenergie en openbare afstand", wat betekent dat kerncentrale-energieopwekking direct is verbonden met het raster, en vervolgens naar duizenden huishoudens wordt getransporteerd. 2021-11-1709: Volgens de media-rapporten

2021-11-1709: 36 Met een oneindig enthousiasme voor de wetenschappelijke zaak van het moederland, is de 87-jarige Shari-rivier nog steeds onvermoeibaar worstelen in de eerste lijn van wetenschapsonderwijs en wetenschappelijk licht wordt op elke hoek bestrooid. 2021-11-1709: 35 In december 2020, de voorcommandant van de vier zonen van innerlijke Mongoli?, een 80-jarige oude man, ongeacht de lage temperatuur van de minus 30 ° C, wachtend op "嫦娥" thuis op de plaats.

In de vroege ochtend, toen de No. 5-rendement soepel is, waren zijn ogen vol tranen – "" drie stappen naar de centrale overheid van het feest "Drie stappen" werd eindelijk een realiteit! "Hij is onze maan en diepe ruimte De pioniers van het exploratieproject, de algemene opdracht van het eerste reclassereproject van mijn land is academicus.

2021-11-1709: 32 Directeur van de afdeling Ecologische Milieu en de standaarddirecteur van de standaarddirecteur, zei: "Posetage van de wet" is het volledig op te nemen van de ecologische milieubescherming in de rechtsstaat, en de rol van de rol van De regel van de regel van het ecologische milieu-governancesysteem en het bestuur. Het vermogen om, diepgaand, diepgaand, we zullen de vervuilingspreventie en -controle plaatsen en de bescherming op hoog niveau bevorderen van de ecologische omgeving met hoogwaardige ecologische beschaving.

2021-11-1709: 23 Wat is de mijnproductie onbeheerd? Mijn intelligente besturingssysteem, automatische inspectie-robot, explosieveilige mobiele telefoon Real-time communicatie, superstofverwijderingscamera … met nieuwe apparatuur, nieuwe systemen versneld in kolenmijnen, een steenkoolmijn intelligente blauwdruk schildert in Shanxi.

2021-11-1709: 23 De wereld lijkt te praten over "Yuancos".

Maar de verklaring hierover, de mensen zeiden, en het is een baan. Sommige mensen denken dat dit in de toekomst een race is, en er zou een race houding moeten zijn; als iemand denkt dat "Yuan Universe" een kapitaalspeculatie is, wat de technologie van een bepaalde bedrijf is, wordt een investering opgeslagen. 2021-11-1709: 20 Wilde aardbei-bronnen hebben uitstekende fruitkwaliteitskenmerken, zoals de vijf-blad aardbei witfruit heeft een sterke geur, gele framboos heeft perzik geurige, groene aardbeien hebben geurige smaak … de huidige cultivatie vari?teit heeft verloren enige aromatische geur.

2021-11-1610: 44 Sichuan Virgin Xichang-ziekenhuis beslaat een oppervlakte van 202 MU, met een totale bouwoppervlakte van ongeveer 10.000 vierkante meter, die een "aardbevingsziekenhuis" is in het grootste gebouwgebied van het land. De totale investering van het project is ongeveer 3,5 miljard yuan, bestaat uit drie delen van het uitgebreide ziekenhuis van drie verdiepingen, het International Medical Service Center, het opleidingscentrum en de werkgelegenheidscentrum. 2021-11-1610: 27 Voor verschillende pigmenten gebruiken de oude ambachtslieden verschillende concentraties van gel om zich aan te passen, zoals goedkeuring van concentraten en zilver, met behulp van medium en dunne lijm en aarden, met behulp van pizza en zwarte rook. 2021-11-1610: 21.

[Daily habits] to build a community of online space

[Daily habits] to build a community of online space

  Xi Jinping: Network space is the common activities of human being, and the destiny of network space should be jointly mastered by countries.

Countries should strengthen communication, expand consensus, deepen cooperation, and build a community of online space.

  This paragraph comes from Ji Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Internet Conference on December 16, 2015.

  With the rapid development of information technology, the network space has become a new channel of information dissemination, the new space of production and life, the new engine of economic development, the new platform of cultural and prosperous new support, social governance, and new links. At the same time, the development of the Internet has also brought new challenges to the sovereignty, security and development interests of the world. In cyberspace, human beings are the fate community developed by the development, safety, and fate. Implementation of global network space security and orderly development, first, the international community should strengthen communication, expand consensus, deepen cooperation, accelerate global network infrastructure construction, and reduce the "digital divide" between countries; second, promote network space management multi-field Cooperation is developed to the depth development, and the interaction of Internet technology, laws and policies in the interconnection; third, improve the network space dialogue negotiation mechanism, promote the development of cybuar rules that can be accepted by all parties in cooperation exchanges. Differences, pursue a win-win; fourth, dealing with the conflict between cyberspace, respect each other’s network sovereignty, strengthen security cooperation in response to network terrorism, online crime, online fraud, etc.

  Realize the profound changes in the Internet Global Governance System, need to build peace, safe, open, cooperative network space, establish a global Internet governance system for multilateral, democratic, and transparent.

Only by adhering to building a community concept of network space, gathering the international community’s largest number of network space safety, stability, and prosperity expectations, in order to specify the direction of the global network space development. Special experts in this issue: Yue Awu Nanjing Information Engineering University Marxist College (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Share more people to see.

[Advanced Typical] Central North University: From Taihang Mountain, the military is moving voyage

[Advanced Typical] Central North University: From Taihang Mountain, the military is moving voyage

Editor’s note: Since the development of party history, all departments at all levels at all levels of Shanxi have attached great importance to it.

In order to promote the party members of the province to learn the benchmark, there is a demonstration, starting on August 1st, the Yellow River News Network opened the "Excellent Typical" column of the "New Bureau of the Scholars’ Thought" and the New Bureau of the Secretary of the Second Parties ", and concentrated in the educational education in party history. The typical practice, innovative initiatives and fresh experiences, create a strong atmosphere than the school, condense the majesty. Yellow River News News (Reporter Yufenfen) The hundred years of journey is magnificent, and it is not forgotten. Since the development of party history, the Party Committee of the University of China has been based on the fundamental task of implementing Lidshu people, combining party history and courses, combined with classroom teaching, combined with students education, and organizes first-line teachers to build 13 The "Course Thinking" is open, and the education of party history is in the past, and the new and hearts.

The "Course Thinking" is invited to invite the first-line key teachers of the China North University, developed the "Daguata" "Damei Sanjin" "Engineering Map" "Financial Management" "Music Performance" "Music Performance" and other professional courses.

These professional courses are organically combined with party history, from the party’s hundred years of history, searching for nutrition from the party’s spiritual pedicure, drawing wisdom, drawing power, focusing on how to dig in teaching, scientific research practice, Style’s thinking, forming a group of practical innovations in "courses" construction.

In order to further expand the position of "courses", the school’s Marxist College took the lead in the school, and launched the "People’s Military" Course Thinking Demonstration Class, Exploring the Teaching Contents of "The History of Party Shi + Military Works + School History" "Theoretical + Interview + Practice + Research" ‘s "four integration" innovation teaching model, condensed the spiritual power of "strong army to assemble" in young students.

Full mining utilization of red resources, while achieving party history education into the course teaching, how to further strengthen learning effectiveness, stimulating the power, a series of practical activities carried out by the School of Northern University is also a raceful highlight. Teachers and students in the School of Arts have more than 100 mesh long gallery, and the red line is vividly intuitively depicting the hundred years of struggle for the Chinese Communist Party.

The Institute of Physical Education held the "Old Party Meeting Party Class" Theme Party Day activities, specially invited the police officers of Chairman Mao in the Central Majors, and the old party members of the 61st party age Shang lock Hai Comrade came to the school "transfer to the treasure". The Economic Academy of Economics, the spirit of Yan’an, the spirit, the spirit of the Taihang, Lu Liang spirit, the spirit of Xi Baichang, etc.

The "Red Story Excellence" Contest Competition held by the Chemical Engineering and Technology, let the party history "live", realize the imageization of party history, very experienced and interactive.

In addition, the Party Committee of the Northern University encourages all grassroots party organizations to create conditions, combines party history education and support in the branch, and guide students to walk while they will talk about it, and the online lines are combined. Landscape party history big lesson. From the Taihang Mountain, the Northern University of the "The First School of the People" will always inherit the "Taihang Spirit" red gene, and "committing the" learning "concept, transforming the party history education results into a profound Educational resources and endless power, in the new era, strive for first-class, and stroke.

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Zhangzhou high quality completed the village (community) "two committees"

Zhangzhou high quality completed the village (community) "two committees"

  This newspaper (Reporter Ren Yongliang) In late November, 1034 administrative villages in Zhangzhou City, all of the 82 communities completed the transit tasks.

After the residual, the average age of the "two committees" team members of the village (community), and the previous session of the "two committees" team members, the "two committees" team members, respectively, one, respectively, Percentage, the village (community) "shoulder pick" is significantly improved, "the two committees" cadres have emerging, intellectualization, and source channel diversification. Zhangzhou City has changed the village (community) "two committees" as a major political task, and the "two committees" team of the choice of excellent and strong villages, especially the leader, and constructs from the city, county, township, village. The fourth-level secretary took the lead, personally grasped, fully grasped the work pattern, insisting on the selection of excellence, excellent and medium election, and strive to select the "family" of the masses. In the specific work, close attention to the "one-liter and shoulders and shoulders" task requirements, continue to broaden the selection of people’s channels, adhere to the "local election, from the external lead, the superior school, open trick", promote the village (community) " The two committees "team" The overall function of the team is sexually changed.

  Pay attention to local "selection".

Focus from this village to get rich, foreign workers are returned to returnees, the homeland University graduates, retirement soldiers, college students village officials (selection), rural teachers and excellent community workers, the person in charge of the community, the person in charge of the business committee, professional social workers, etc. Village (community) "two committees" cadres, supplement diversified talents. Pay attention to "lead".

Guiding the county and hometown two levels with "3 post-backup forces in the village", improve the support preferential policy of attracting local talents, "deep water", "the" point-to-point "is working, actively mobilize in the township and the outer soil Township officers, create a reserve force, "Body Force", and in time to absorb the quality of the people to the village (community) team.

Pay attention to the superior "send". According to the precise "village", "standard", set "people" work ideas, vigorously select the universal young organs of the universities to go to the village, this year, the cadres will be held smoothly as the secretary of the village party organization, solve the "no" from the source An optional, some people are difficult to select.

Pay attention to public "recruit". Combined with the village (community) "two committees", actively implement the "one college student" cultivation plan, using township industry to recruit 381 college graduates, and it is expected to work all in the village before the end of the year, and strive to strengthen the rural grassroots talent team. (Editor: Candy, Li Lin).

Xingyi: Yin Li II returns 220 kV line project to improve "West Electronics" capacity

Xingyi: Yin Li II returns 220 kV line project to improve "West Electronics" capacity

A few days ago, Yinshan changed by the "West Electronics" main channel of the South Power Grid Guizhou Xingyi Power Supply Bureau – Li Guan change II back 220 kV line project successfully put into operation, marking the Southwest Power Grid and Liupan Hydropower Grid Realization The 220 kV double-circuit network interoperability, the Fujian power resources of "two places" injected into "West Electronics". Yin Li II returned the 220 kV line project with a total length of thousands of meters, a total of 111 base iron tower, total investment of 72.38 million yuan, in the province’s main network power system, the first 220 kV GIS expansion interval (same frequency same) AC resistance Pressure test, realize the busbar non-stop resistance, reduce the risk of power outage, and shorten the period of time. "220 kV Yin Li II after payment, further enhanced power supply reliability in southwestern Guizhou, and at the same time, the increase of more than 500,000 kilowatts of the ‘West Electronics’, further for the’ Xi Electronics to send ‘contribution’ South Network forces ‘.

"Introduction to the Power Dispatch Control Center of Xingyi Power Supply Bureau." Most of the lines of the mountains are high altitude of the mountain, so we use the ‘aluminum bag steel strand + fiber optic cable’ to set up a power transmission line according to the situation that may be ice according to each region. Make sure the power transmission equipment is safe. Zuo Heng, general manager of Xingyi Power Supply Bureau, in the process of engineering construction, but also overcomes many difficulties in crossing multiple electric lines, crossing house demolition and occupation of harmonization. It is understood that in order to promote the project According to the planning, during the construction, the leadership team of Xingyi Power Supply Bureau attached great importance to the establishment of "Yin Li II Turning Engineering Construction Experts", and realized the establishment of a game with the establishment of the establishment of the Branch.

At the same time, the party branch is built on the project, proactively actively communicating with local government departments, and in depth promoting political and enterprises. During the project construction process, the Xingyi Power Supply Bureau adheres to the depth integration of party construction work and construction management work, leading the department responsible for the total planning and implementation of the party branch, party members, and the party members of other departments and participation units take the lead in promoting this major. Work, give full play to the construction advantages of multi-party organizations, realize the party construction work, construction safety, engineering quality, party members’ education linkage, forming various majors, all levels, the normal scene, the normal situation, guarantee the security, quality and progress of the project The three dimensions have been fully promoted to become a "battle fortress" that attacks hard. Yinshan change – Li Guan change II back 220 kV line project started construction in December 21, 2020, 480 builders in the whole line for more than 336 days.

Xingyi Power Supply Bureau coincides with the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the technology is difficult to fight, carry forward the spirit of the "Kunli Long" infrastructure in the South Net, and fully promote the construction of the project. In the process of construction, the bureau grasps the epidemic prevention and control, and the project is attacked, and the epidemic prevention and control is zero infection. He is more than 40 days in advance, completed the construction task of the line throughout the line in advance, and successfully delayed the epidemic Grab it back.

After the 220 kVCI, II, will further enhance the "West Electronics East" capacity, providing powerful guarantees to complete the "电送" power goal, further implementing "rural residence" and "carbon Dafeng," The strategic objective contributing to carbon neutralization. (关 文) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Watch the mood and induce heart disease? Healthy watch, foreign media give you a few tricks – (2)

Watch the mood and induce heart disease? Healthy watch, foreign media give you a few tricks – (2)

On the other hand, the study also noted the difference between the new crown epidemic and closed prevention and control (not allowed to enter the stadium ganglian). When people can’t go to the racket watch, if the team will lose the game as the flight team, the emergency response will increase, and when the team wins at home, the emergency response will be reduced. In terms of admission, after the closed prevention and control, the number of admitted people was reduced after the addition of the squad, which was completely opposite to the situation of the epidemic.

The results of this study were consistent with other research results, which showed that negative emotions (especially hostility and anger) were closely related to the onset of cardiovascular disease.

The study also pointed out the relationship between negative emotions and depression, anxiety, and Types (tend to show ambition, competitiveness and work efforts, and impatient, temporary urgency and hostile attitude). The study also shows that patients who have treated treatment in the team in the team have higher blood pressure, diabetes, and blood lipids abnormalities (changes in lipids and protein levels in the blood). After the closed prevention and control, the patient’s control of these cardiovascular risk factors is worse. The Spanish Heart Society provides some suggestions so that people can enjoy the fun of football, while avoiding heart attack: – Adjust your mentality, don’t look too heavy.

Psychological preparation is very important to avoid emotional dizzy.